Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California
  • "Curso de Verano" summer course
  • Safety training for youth in the warm summer water
  • Club beach party
  • Small group skills training free for local families
  • Outdoor education and recreation leveraging the conservation of wild places
  • View from the new Park
  • Resident of the new "Loreto II" National Park
  • New Park has established hiking trails (Thank you Richard and Alexis)
  • Collecting micro-plastic trash from a Danzante Island beach
  • Kayak-access conservation
  • Club kayakers making a poditive impact

Your Legacy

Regenerative tourism is Impact Positive.

What Regenerative Tourism means to us

  • It started with a simple love of the outdoors and grew into a belief that connecting people with nature helps both the people and the planet.

What it means to our Paddlers

  • You’re part of a larger team for a common purpose.
  • Feel good knowing your participation is making a Positive difference.
  • Enjoy connecting with other like-minded, active, nature loving paddlers who gravitate to this mission.

What it means for the World

  • Providing local youth with access to the sea and enriching experiences within it, we inspire conservation ethic in the decision-makers of tomorrow and engage in the cleanups, research and education of today.

Special Program:
Curso de Verano Summer Course

July-August 2024

With your support, limited-resource Loreto youth get to know the sea, learn why it matters, and develop practical life skills. They learn water safety, build self-esteem, cultivate curiosity, get excited about nature, and deepen healthy relationships. Weeklong waterfront activities culminate in an island visit. This course can spark a career and inspire for life.

Co-sponsor a child for $125
Fully sponsor a child for $500.

More information about Curso de Verano

Thank you.

Your participation with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico recently supported:

👣 The formation of 2 new National Parks in the Loreto area in August 2023.
See SKBM’s supporting presentation in this Feb 2023 blog.

👣 Twenty-two Loreto youth in weeklong outdoor education programs, summer 2023.

👣 The multi-year leadership mentoring of 4 Loreto teens in conjunction with EcoAlianza.

Your footprints nourish a thriving future.



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