Sea Kayak Expedition

Sea Kayak Expeditions are for kayaking enthusiasts who paddle often in dynamic water, who have experience living out of a kayak, and are in appropriate physical condition to enjoy consecutive days of committed paddling.

Our favorite Expedition routes along the coast have been the Mulege to Loreto Expedition and the Loreto to La Paz Expedition including Isla San Jose. In the Loreto Islands, Three Island Expedition and the Four Island Expedition are winners. In the Pacific Lagoons of Baja, we have a new and exciting Waves & Wildlife Expedition: Magdalena Bay which we’ve done before as a panga-supported Builder, but is better suited to Expedition-level paddlers. Internationally, we occasionally run the Great Barrier Island Expedition

On Sea Kayak Expeditions, we cultivate efficient bands of sea paddlers and, with them, go really interesting places. Expeditions require a comittment to the group. Awareness and willingness to work as a team are critical. Snack breaks are often done on the water, and we press on. At this level guides are facilitators, and it is the skill and coherence of the group that makes the magic.

With such a foundation, we go far! Such as… around the weather end of Carmen Island where sea and cliff meet in a restless standoff. Down the mountainous coast where the orange sunrise quietly sets each peak aglow. Out to the granite spires of Isla San Jose where the rocks break the sea, and the sea breaks the rocks, and the kayakers dance between.

Join us on an Expedition if you usually do your own without a guide, but want to see some special places in a foreign land, or enjoy spending time with other enthusiasts.

Want more? Expedition Challenges are invitational events that go the extra mile. Paddlers who’ve demonstrated both a mastery of sea paddling skills and a good-natured group spirit are invited for special journeys. In fact, your suggestions are where our best ideas come from!

Expedition Conditions

Average Daily Distance: 11-15nm (3-5 hours of paddling)
Max Daily Distance: 20nm
Wind: calm to 20kts; force 5; rolling seas
Seas: up to 6′
Crossings: up to 10nm
Surf Landings: up to 4′
Rescue Skills: assisting others; learning to roll
British Canoeing standard: 3-star sea paddler to sea leader; a resource to the group

Please ask us if you have questions about the conditions and how you can prepare if you’d like to train up for the trip.


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