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  • Low brace training
  • Rescuing a canoe
  • SUP fun
  • Rescuing a sea kayak

Our Kayak Courses

Two kayakers paddling in sync.Basic Course

Focus on what you’d like to learn or practice. Three hour class or full day class available, for 1-4 people. Prices for custom instruction at the Loreto waterfront are the same as for our Basic Course (below).

Two kayakers paddling in sync.Basic Course

Start here if you have little or no experience in a kayak. The Basic Course ensures that basic safety skills have been well learned, and introduces steering, efficiency, and awareness of the sea. Basic Course includes a BCU 1-star assessment, if desired. More>>

edging a turn

Kayak Foundations
(BCU 2*, ACA Level 3)

Following the Basic Course, this course refines boat control in calm water for comprehensive ownership of skills. Use edging to turn, brace for support, move sideways, pivot, move forward with efficient core power, maneuver in reverse, assist others with deep water rescues. More>>

surf and mountains

Sea Paddler Training
(BCU 3*, ACA Level 4)

For paddlers wishing to become skilled in a sea environment. A good foundation of boat handling and basic rescue skills is required before taking this course, and a 2-star assessment is recommended. Practice maneuvering in wind and waves. Cover more miles with a better forward stroke and an understanding of now to use the wind and waves instead of fighting them.

The skills taught and practiced on this course help to prepare paddlers for the BCU 3-star, but the test is separate. More>>

back-deck swimmer carry in surf

Sea Leader Training
(BCU Sea Leader; ACA Level 5)

For guides and competent dynamic water paddlers wanting to continue their development, this course studies how to manage a group and respond to incidents in the given environment. More>>.

Ramon surfs!

Surf Camp
ACA Levels 4&5 Surf Zone

Sea kayaks in the surf! Plus a rocky coastline with some play features, a typical afternoon wind, and occasionally whales passing by. Use the environment to strengthen your skills. This course is quite student-directed and customized to the individual. More>>.

Coaching Qualifications

BCU coaching certifications are now integrated with the UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate). Established over 30 years ago as a charity to benefit the public by educating sports coaches, the UKCC draws from and contributes to all areas of sports science including physiology, biomechanics, psychology, sociology, philosophy and other sports-related subjects. It is the basis for coaching for ALL sports in the UK. Within the BCU, the UKCC also takes input from top-level coaches, paddlers and athletes is the new gold standard of paddlesport coaching.

There are 4 levels of coach qualification within this system.

  • British Canoeing Level 1

    is for those new to paddlesport coaching. The qualification is not discipline specific (it can include canoe, sea kayak, whtewater, racing, SUP, etc) and is suitable for coaches who work with paddlers from any of the competitive and non- competitive paddlesport disciplines. The Level 1 Coach can plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions, normally with the support of a more qualified coach. They have specific training to coach paddlers in their first year of activity and to help run taster sessions. More>>.

  • British Canoeing Level 2

    to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions safely and effectively. Like the Level 1, this non-discipline-specific qualification is relevant to coaches who want to coach any paddlesport discipline. You can choose canoe and/or kayak endorsements at assessment. Level 2 Coaches will work with paddlers predominantly in their first 3 years of paddling activity. The Level 2 Coach can work without supervision and is able to offer guidance and support to the Level 1 Coach.

  • British Canoeing Level 3

    for the discipline specialist Coach to plan, implement, and analyse long-term development programmes. This is an appropriate level of coach for a person to be in charge of paddlesport activities in a club / centre or as a working professional.

  • The Level 4 award is under development.

Foundation Safety & Rescue Training

FSRT is British Canoe Union (BCU) course that focuses on risk management and rescue skills. It is required before any leadership assessments or coaching courses, and may be taken when one has 2-star boat-handling skills. We incorporate a the FSRT curriculum into both our Sea Paddler and Sea Leader Trainings. It is an excellent and comprehensive course, and we believe it is well worth taking twice. After a successful completion of the FSRT, a certificate will be mailed to you from the BCU North America headquarters, for a processing fee of $25. The certificate does not expire. If you take the FSRT again, you do not need a second certificate. We can run the FSRT as a 2-day course, and are happy to create one to suit your group’s needs.


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