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One Beach Rental

One Beach Rental lets you enjoy living on the beach with minimal stress. A motorboat (panga) shuttles people and equipment to a beach, then picks them up later from the same beach. Gear never has to be packed into kayaks, lending this option to a more relaxed style of camping. We have OVERNIGHT packages (2 days) and 2-NIGHT packages (3 days). Within the Loreto Marine Park, beaches may be only occupied for a maximum of 2 nights by the same group. Multiple beaches may be combined with a motorboat shuttle for a longer trip.

You may choose to have stable Sit-on-top kayaks, Stand-up Paddleboards, or plastic Romany Sport sea kayaks (with skeg).

Not quite sure if the One Beach Rental is for you? Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Am I interested in being on an island, exploring the shoreline, playing in the water or on the beach?
  • Is my priority being with my family or friends in a beautiful location?
  • Am I happy to never have to pack equipment into a kayak?
  • Do I or some in my group have minimal kayaking experience?
  • Are we not concerned with covering distance?
  • Would we like to be out overnight?

Our One Beach Rental is perfect for basecamping by the sea.

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One Beach Rental Packages

Isla Coronados
Featuring white sand beaches at the foot of a volcano, Isla Coronados is the most popular, most accessible, and probably the most stunning place to spend a night or two. Because it is close by, the costs are lower. You can use your phone from there, and not need the satellite communicator. Come late afternoon, the day visitors drift away and a peace settles over the island. You can walk the long sandy beach. You can bask in the afterglow of a sunset that is all yours. Isla Coronados has several hiking trails.

Isla del Carmen
Several beaches beckon from across the water. Puerto Ballandra, Playa Roja, and Mesa de Piedra are all unique and scenic beaches on Isla del Carmen’s western shores. Since the island is privately owned and also used for hunting Bighorn sheep, hiking is not permitted except along the beaches.

Puerto Ballandra is the most protected and often harbors sailboats. Several pocket beaches lie within the bay and invite exploration. An inlet, carved by a summer storm, is worth investigating by kayak as well. A sunken barge and a hill of fossilized coral add to the interest of the bay. Snorkeling is very accessible–shallow and near the shore, and a surprising number of little fish can be seen near the rocky areas.

Playa Roja is beach of coarse red sand and gravel. It has a beautiful view of Isla Coronados, and the lights of Loreto glimmer at night. A rocky reef protects it somewhat from the north, and offers a place to play in kayaks. An osprey nest perches on top of a red pinnacle on the west end of the beach. There is interesting snorkeling along the reef and in front of the osprey nest, but do leave them enough space so they don’t screech at you.

At Mesa de Piedra, coarse black sand mixes with small gravel in a cozy amphitheater. The beach faces north with a long rock shelf on one side. For those who like to explore the shoreline but not get wet, the shelf is a great place to wander about and peer into the sea, and a great place to fish. The snorkeling is also excellent around the rock shelf. Ravens tend to frequent this place, and there is a small cave in the rock that you can scramble up into if you’re nimble. The beach lies at the south end of a large bay, offering extensive beach walking.

Isla Danzante
A place of geological fantasy, Isla Danzante invites your imagination to play. Snorkeling is also very good. Honeymoon Bay beaches on the west offer the most protected paddling and snorkeling, as well as a nature trail to a scenic overlook. The sunrise beaches on the east side are rough underfoot, but make for amazing pre-dawn paddling opportunities to watch the sun’s first rays descend Danzante’s fanciful spires. Southern beaches provide access to the longest hiking trail on the island, and a good likelihood of seeing a pod of dolphins pass by. Danzante Island has the most beaches per mile of coastline, so beach-hopping by kayak or SUP is a great way to appreciate its steep, crumbly, dramatic terrain.

One Beach Rental Pricing

Isla Coronados
Overnight (2 days)
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$2503-8 people$3803-8 people$490
2 people$3002 people$4302 people$590

Isla Coronados
2 Nights (3 days)
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$3204-8 people$4704-8 people$600
2 people$3752 people$5302 people$700

Isla del Carmen’s western beaches
2 nights (3 days)
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$3903-8 people$5403-8 people$640
2 people$4802 people$6402 people$820

Isla Danzante o Isla del Carmen north/south beaches
2 nights (3 days)
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$4203-8 people$5703-8 people$670
2 people$5202 people$6802 people$860

Multiple Beach Combo
4 Nights (5 days; 2 beaches with shuttle between)

Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$6003-8 people$8003-8 people$940
2 people$7302 people$9402 people$1150

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