Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California


Whether you dream of being a guide, or are a longtime guide looking for professional recognition or deeper development, or simply enjoy taking less-experienced friends and family out to paddle, we’re excited to help you achieve your goals.

Why train with SKBM? You’re training as a leader with people who lead for a living. Share the contagious inspiration of our guide-coaches who are passionate about their lifestyle and deeply fulfilled by enriching people’s lives. Tap into our lifetime of experience as well as to the structures of certified programs such as British Canoeing (BC) and American Canoe Association (ACA). Enjoy the diversity and richness of learning with Mexican and international students of leadership. Learn in the spectacularly beautiful setting of the Loreto National Marine Park.

To support your learning journey, our three leadership courses make a cycle which can be entered at any point, depending on your experience, preference, and aspirations. They are the Workshop, the Training, and the Expedition. So long as you meet the skill requirements to safely paddle where that course takes place, you are welcome to start with any of the three. Below are recommendations on how to use this cycle.

We are happy to schedule custom courses for groups of 4-8, or can open a public course around your preferred dates with 8-12 months advance notice. Customized courses for your staff or club may also be available in your location. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Workshop: Developing Your Leadership

6 days based in Loreto
Open to everyone, the Workshop provides adaptable, focused discussions interspersed with sheltered-water activities which lend context to the discussion and put principles into practice. Includes 3 Guide Modules, the prerequisite for endorsing BC Guides.

Sea Leader Training

6 days based in Loreto
Skilled sea paddlers develop the tools of leadership in the sea environment. This course includes the training requirement (Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning) needed to take the Sea Leader assessment.

Sea Leader Expedition

6 days on expedition
Skilled sea paddlers gain experience for fluid decision-making in the context of an actual trip. This is also where we run Sea Leader assessments and Guide Endorsement assessments.

Recommended pathways

Keep in mind that these courses are just part of the larger picture of your development, which will include gaining other experience and perhaps refining your personal paddling skills.

Are you:
A certified Sea Leader (2+ years) wanting Guide Endorsement?
1. Workshop
2. Sea Leader Expedition- for endorsement

An experienced sea leader wanting certification?
1. Sea Leader Training (or standalone Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course)
2. Sea Leader Expedition- for assessment

New to leading but have sea paddling experience?
1. Workshop
2. Sea Leader Training
3. Sea Leader Expedition- for assessment

New to leading and need to develop your sea paddling experience?
1. Workshop
2. Sea Paddler Training- for skill development
3. Sea Leader Expedition- for experience
4. Sea Leader Training
5. Sea Leader Expedition- for assessment

Plan your Path

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