Getting to Loreto (LTO)

Carry these Numbers with You

Calling from Mexico Calling from outside Mexico
US message phone n/a 1 844 925 2252
Store 613 135 0266 011 52 613 135 0266

Travel Insurance

Please insure your travel. We make financial commitments to your trip which we need to honor whether or not you make it. See our cancellation policy. Prepare for the worst, expect the best!

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Tourist Visa

Always travel with a valid passport in Mexico. If you fly into Mexico, you will be given a form to fill out, and the cost of your visa is included in your flight. If you cross on foot or in a vehicle, you will need to visit the Immigration office at the border or as soon as you can in Loreto. Cost is about $20USD. Or plan ahead and contact a Mexican government tourism office located in some US cities.

Direct Flights to Loreto

Direct flight from LAX
As of October 2016, Alaska Airlines is the only airline to offer service from the US to Loreto. Flights cost between $200 and $450. Schedule varies from 4 days/week to daily, depending mostly on politics and economics. Book these EARLY. We’re not kidding. Many months early. Alaska schedule

Direct flight from Toronto, Canada
Westjet serves Loreto seasonally from late October to late April.

From the Loreto Airport to your hotel
Loreto is a small town, so any airport taxi-van that is going to Loreto itself (not one of the two outlying developments) will be able to drop you where you need to be for around $15USD. The taxi drivers know where the hotels are, so you just need the name of the hotel.

Don’t Give Up!

If the direct flight isn’t available or breaks the budget, please don’t give up. Below are some more options. We’d like to help, so please contact us if you’re ready for a hand. We’ve done this before!

Los Cabos Flights & Connections

Aereocalafia San Jose del Cabo (SJD) to Loreto
This service has been discontinued (again). They now fly from La Paz to Loreto, but there are no international flights into La Paz. You could bus to La Paz, then fly.

Busses Los Cabos to Loreto
ECOBAJATOURS can give you a lift from San Jose Airport to Loreto in plush vans with air conditioning, single seats, wifi, screen for movies etc.

Aguila bus lines do go from Los Cabos direct to Loreto in 9 hours, with breaks. $840 pesos, or about $75USD. From the Loreto bus terminal a taxi can take you to your hotel for about $5. Aguila can also be found at the bus terminal on the malecon in La Paz. Their website has not been functioning for a while, but I’ll leave it here in case they fix it.

La Paz Flights & Connections

There are no longer international flights into La Paz.

Tijuana Flights & Connections

Aereocalafia Tijuana
For you adventure travel fans out there, Aerocalafia now flies from Tijuana. You would fly into San Diego, and take a taxi 3 miles to the Greyhound terminal, about $20. From the Greyhound terminal, take the Crucero bus across the border for $12-20USD directly to the Tijuana airport, and catch the Aereocalafia flight from there. Check Aerocalafia’s website for availability and times.

Another way to cross the border is the new Cross Border Xpress. You essentially check in for your flight in the US, then walk through a corridor to the Tijuana airport. The biggest challenge is getting to the US side of the check-in. It’s more cost-effective for a group since affordable mass transit has not yet made this connection easy from San Diego Airport or elsewhere.

Bus Tijuana to Loreto
Fly into San Diego and take the Crucero bus directly to Tijuana Central bus terminal for $12-19. You can purchase tickets in advance online for this shuttle. Alternately, you can take any bus to the San Ysidro/Tijuana crossing, then walk across the border and choose from any of the waiting taxis for an exciting $15-$20 ride to the Central Bus terminal.

From Tijuana to Loreto is a 20-24 hour ride which stops on occasion for bathroom breaks and snack purchase, including one longer stop for dinner. There are many sales agents in the Tijuana terminal, and several serve Loreto. I’ve traveled on Aguila and would recommend them. Carry a blanket or extra warm clothes with you. Also a few snacks, pesos, and some toilet paper. It helps to speak some Spanish here, though you can get by with patience and perhaps a pencil and paper for the numbers. Cost is about $125USD. From the Loreto bus terminal a taxi can take you to your hotel for about $5.



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