Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California

The best team…period!

The single biggest factor in your amazing Baja trip is the people, and we’ve got the best. Not just guides, but the whole team. Why?

Common purpose. Communication. Mutual support. We are fulfilled by building relationships, among the team and with the wider paddling community.

We love exploring the natural world and sharing it. Our guides have a cumulative total of over a century of experience guiding in the National Marine Park of Loreto, with some individuals living their guiding dream for 25 years. Nobody else comes close!

You’ll feel the difference.  Come meet the crew!

Ginni Callahan

Ginni CallahanAfter nearly a decade of guiding big-group, no experience necessary trips in the Loreto area (which is mostly about cooking), Ginni decided it was worth the risk to offer something different, and started SKBM in 2007.

Through the years in Baja, Ginni has taken great interest in learning about desert plants, marine biology, geology, and the night sky. She thoroughly enjoys sharing these with people.

Ginni also founded the Columbia River Kayaking cooperative in Washington, created Slow Boat Farm on Puget Island in the Columbia River, and organized the annual Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup for 5 years. She has traveled to Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Wales, Canada, Tahiti, throughout the US, and of course Mexico to guide and coach. She is certified by the British Canoeing as a 5* Advanced Sea Leader, a Sea Leader Course Provider, and a Coach Tutor, and by the ACA as Level 5 Coastal Instructor.

Remote paddling destinations without bears, bugs, or ice intrigue her. Personal adventures include a solo to Isla Catalana, the most remote island in the Loreto National Marine park, renowned for its endemic rattleless rattlesnakes, of which she saw none. In 2012-2013 she sailed across the South Pacific with Captain Henrick, in a 36′ steel monohull called Misty. They had kayaks on board, of course. She paddled solo across the Gulf of California in 2020, a journey whose final 55nm from Isla Tortugas to the Sonora coast she completed in 18 hours.

Ginni’s motivating vision in Sea Kayak Baja Mexico is to create a self-sustaining community of paddlesports professionals in Loreto who will train and mentor future generations of paddlers, guides, and coaches while continuing to provide enriching experiences for visitors.

Ginni built two wooden boats, Pygmy Boats’ Arctic Tern and Arctic Tern 14. She has been featured in Justine Curgenven’s original “This is the Sea” video and in several magazine articles. She wrote regularly for Ocean Paddler Magazine (until it went out of print during Covid) and makes occasional entries in a personal blog called kayaktravel. Her current writing project is a guidebook for the National Marine Park of Loreto. She is also a breast cancer survivor who wants to give hope to others undergoing that journey.

Marcos Simental

Marcos Simental
Marcos lives in the middle of the Baja California Peninsula and splits his time between fishing on the Pacific side and guiding out of Loreto. A strong paddler and seasoned leader, he led kayak trips in the Loreto area since 1998. Marcos holds his British Canoeing 4-star Sea Leader and UKCC Coach Level 1 certifications. Friendly, mellow, funny, and resourceful, he has a love for the sea and its creatures. A deep knowledge of how to coax food from the sea and a myriad of ways to make it taste delicious are among the many talents he brings to the Sea Kayak Baja Mexico team.

Marcos is a keen observer and is usually the first to spot whales and changes in the weather. His sharp eye and joy in helping people also make him an effective and much-appreciated coach.

Marcos also charters sport fishing from his panga in San Carlos.

Ramon Arce

Ramon Arce
Ramon grew up beside the San Isidro lagoon in the Sierra la Giganta mountains inland from Loreto. He interned with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico in 2011 while in university, and has become invaluable to us as a man who can do it all: lead trips, fix kayaks,  drive shuttles, and charm just about anyone. He has his British Canoeing 4-star Sea Leader and UKCC Coach Level 1 certifications. Ramon has an impish sense of humor, a contagious giggle, and a calm way of noticing everything.

Ramon is developing cultural tours to his hometown, highlighting the rustic way of life. Tortillas are handmade, sugar is boiled from canes and poured into molds that resemble the iconic El Pilon mountain that overlooks the lagoon. Ramon is certified as a guide by the Federal Tourist Board known as SECTUR.

Maria Aguilar

Maria AguilarEnthusiastic, energetic, creative, and fun, Maria is a genuine Baja gal! She grew up on the shores of San Ignacio Lagoon in central Baja, home of the famous friendly gray whales, and has been sharing her love of the outdoors with people ever since. She has paddled most of the length of the Gulf of California. Maria holds her UKCC Coach Level 1 certification. In the summer, Maria works as a scuba divemaster and dive instructor in La Paz.

Jorge Soto

Since coming to Baja in the fall of 2018, Jorge has introduced dozens of Loreto residents to paddlesports through the free classes offered by our Club, and has developed a serious addiction to surfing sea kayaks. He worked his way up to a lead guide and earned his Sea Leader certification from British Canoeing in 2022. He loves the outdoors, nature, fishing, and extreme sports. You’ll see that twinkle come to his eye when he’s just accomplished something challenging.

Izaura Colunga

Izaura is one of a kind! Her genuine friendliness and sense of adventure draw people in. She studied communication and guided on yachts, then on smaller motor launches, and now in kayaks. She jokes that the boats keep getting smaller! But it wasn’t a straightforward path…

Iza started working in our waterfront store 2 months before Covid shut that resource down. No worries–she trained up to handle our mostly online client communication and registration. Once trips started running again, and with all that personal paddling experience gained during quarantine, Iza became a sea kayak and SUP guide. She took the British Canoeing Sea Leader course and coaching courses in 2022. She lifts our spirits with her laugh and will make you feel right at home!.


Ruben Bastida

Ruben has a scientist’s eye for detail and a teacher’s heart for helping people. He came to our team through our partner Sea Trek where he is a much-requested guide. He is an active volunteer in our paddling club, opening opportunity for local residents to learn to kayak and enjoy the Marine Park. He has a knack for showing up with a smile just when you need him the most, and can fix anything. He took the British Canoeing Sea Leader course and coaching courses in 2022.

Art Noll

World traveler, outdoor adventurer, outstanding guide and world’s most meticulous mechanic, Art is a man of many interests and talents.  He came to the team as an experienced lead guide for SKBM’s partner Sea Trek and now guides anything and teaches paddleboard and kayaking. Of all the places he’s explored: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Europe, and the bayous of Florida, Baja remains his favorite, and we’re glad for that!

Ramon Alvarado

With a background in commercial fishing out of Mulege, Ramon knows the sea as only a fisherman can. He’s been a NOLS instructor in Alaska and Chile as well as here in Mexico. He joined the SKBM team as a guide for the Sea Trek trips, and has recently taken on a bigger hat as Operations Manager. He has a passion for sharing opportunity with local youth and works hard to develop our local summer programming and enrich the team workplace!

Jano Garibay

Jano hails from Jalisco where he worked as a volcano hiking guide before moving to Baja in 2017. Versatile and creative, Jano started in our store, worked a day trip guide, and moved rapidly up to expedition leader and coach. Jano is always ready with a smile and a laugh! He aims to use adventure sports to make positive change in local communities and the planet.

Nikee Fabre

Nikee loves life, especially underwater life! Though he trained in finance, he’s also a bit of a philosopher. He worked in the Loreto National Park for a while and is certified as a SCUBA divemaster. He started paddling with us as part of the Loreto Paddle Club and has worked his way up to being a Club leader and expedition guide. He has a genuinely kind heart, a gentle sense of humor and many talents!

Felipe Moreno

Felipe is a passionate outdoorsperson, equally at home on a rock face, a river, a Pacific Ocean wave or the open sea. Felipe came to us for a kayaking leadership course and we liked him so we asked him to stick around and organize the Loreto Paddle Club for us for a while. Through club activities he’s gained a solid command of sea paddling and coaching. He now guides as often as possible and supports the team with responsibilities around the base. He also loves sailing!

Wuingny Fabre

Club Leader Wuingny (pronounced Whitney) came to Loreto on the invitation of her brother Nikee and started a business caring for people’s pets and rehabilitating dogs. She completed her veterinarian certification in 2023. Wuingny began paddling with the Club and has become a dedicated leader of club activities. Wuingny is also the Club Organizer, coordinating volunteer Club Leaders, inviting participants, and maintaining online records of the activities. She has a delightful sense of fun and a determination to work hard.

Aurea Guzman

Club Leader Aurea is a biologist who currently works for the conservation group of Isla del Carmen, Ovis, after a stint with the Loreto National Park. She is passionate about sharing the natural world with people as well as continuing to learn about it herself. She has planted the seeds of birdwatching in the hearts of many a club paddler. She is wonderful with the kids in our summer programs. Share her knowledge and joy on one of our Baja for the Curious trips.

Support Team

Estela Gonzalez

Estela is our outstanding Finance and Logistics Manager. Her attention to detail and forward thinking help keep us solvent, and her smile brightens our day. Keeping track of the syncopated cycles of expiring permits, she also keeps us legal to offer trips to the public! She makes sure taxis and panga captains are notified… and paid, and makes everyone else happy on payday as wel !


Cristy Rodarte

Cristy’s is the bright and friendly voice you’ll communicate with in your registration process. She came to Loreto from Monterrey (Mexico) and joined our paddling club. She quickly charmed us with her warmth, positive energy, and abundant talent, so we hired her! With a background in Human Resources, Cristy contributes tremendously to the smooth operation of all things behind-the-scenes as well.

Samberto Castro

Born and raised in Ensenada Blanca, just south of Loreto, Samberto is as local as they get. He grew up in a fishing family which instilled in him an intimate knowledge and deep affection for the sea. Samberto is friendly, hard-working, aware, and fun. He also has the cleanest and best-maintained panga (motorboat) anywhere!

Enrique Grejada

Enrique brings many talents to the team, including a deep commitment to environmental concerns. With unstoppable energy, he designs and fabricates things. He has widened our entrance, built a custom gate, fabricated the discontinued rudder blocks of our Seda double kayaks, sealed the office roof, built the racks on several of our vehicles, and much more. Trained as an environmental lawyer, he is invaluable at helping us do the legal dance with various regulatory organizations.

Enrique’s primary works is for the town of Loreto aiming to ensure the livability of the area for the long term with such projects as access to fresh water, waste-flow management and support for entrepreneurial startups that keep the recycling loop close to home!

Guest Guides

Neil Schulman

Neil SchulmanNeil Schulman is a photographer, photography instructor, writer, conservationist, and sea kayaker who started paddling in Maine and eastern Canada about the time of Watergate, although he was barely tall enough to see over the gunnel of the aluminum Grumman he was in at the time. He started whitewater kayaking in a Perception Dancer in the Northwest and eastern Scotland in the late 1980s before plunging into sea kayaking. His photography and writing clients include Adventure Kayak, Leatherman, The Clymb, Stansport, Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, Willamette Restoration Initiative, and others in the outdoors and conservation sectors. His images were used in the campaign to protect Oregon Wilderness that was signed into law by President Obama in 2009. You can see his writing and photography at In his “other career”, he does environmental work, and co-founded the Confluence Environmental Center, which builds future environmental leaders in his home state of Oregon. He likes just about anything that involves a boat, water, wild places, dramatic light, laughter, coffee, and corny jokes: one of his favorite books is Ernest Hemmingway’s The Pun Also Rises.

Eder Arreola

Eder surfs
Eder has profound insights and a depth of skill in group management and communication which support his work as both a guide and a business coach. SKBM has benefitted from the range of his expertise. Eder also holds BCU 4-star Sea Leader and UKCC Coach Level 1 certifications. He is an inspired athlete as well, and one of only 2 people I’ve ever heard of to have completed a circumnavigation of Isla del Carmen (about 70nm) in less than 24 hours.

Engage Eder in coaching kayak skills or discussing life philosophy and you will come away enriched. He also has a sweet sense of humor and a genuine heart for people. You’ll see!

Andrew Emlen

Andrew EmlenAndrew is a respected and passionate naturalist, musician, farmer, and kayak guide. He has guided kayak trips in western Washington state since 1998, originally for Skamokawa Center, and later with the Columbia River Kayaking cooperative, of which he is a co-owner.
Andrew brings a depth of knowledge of birds and other creatures. A spotting scope and a travel guitar are always in his luggage when he comes to Baja. He holds a Masters degree in Environmental Education, and has been instrumental in our Natural History of Baja (now called Baja for the Curious) trips since 2015.

The best team…period!


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