• SUP at sunrise
  • Splashing!
  • Loreto in the morning light
  • Fun in the pool
  • A variety of toys
  • Starting young
  • Blending traditions
  • Fun with family and friends
  • Full body technique

One Day Rentals

One Day Rental offers your choice of beginner-friendly Sit-On-Top kayaks or Stand-Up-Paddleboards. For the more experienced, we have Nigel Dennis-style expedition sea kayaks or Delfin-style “play” sea kayaks.

Our Day Rentals are designed to use on the Loreto waterfront, or from your nearby home, resort, or vacation house. To get out of town, we invite you to add a panga (motorboat) or taxi to an outlying beach. You may transport the kayak or board yourself within the Loreto area on an appropriate rack on your vehicle.

Weekly rates are intended for folks staying in Loreto (or nearby lodging) each night. For camping packages, please see our multi-day Rental Overview, including Bare Bones, Equipped, or Provisioned services. We provide the best safety and services on the peninsula!

Half Day Full Day Week
Stand Up Paddleboard $20 $30 $150
Sit On Top Single $40 $55 $250
Sit On Top Double $30 per person $35 per person $170 per person
Sit On Top Double $60 per boat $70 per boat $340 per boat
Plastic Single “Delfin” $45 $60 $300
Fiberglass Single w/skeg $55 $70 $400
Fiberglass sit-in Double $40 per person $45 per person $240 per person
Fiberglass sit-in Double $80 per boat $90 per boat $480 per boat
Child under 10 years
as 3rd person in SOT
$15 $20 $80
Mask, fins, snorkel $15 $15 $40
Wetsuit $15 $15 $50
Wetsuit & Snorkel Package $20 $20 $85
Kayak Trolley $5 $5 $20
Dry bag $1 $1 $5
Guide/Coach $150 $200

Equipment Included

Life jacket (PFDs) per person
Bilge pump, sponge, spray deck, and paddle float for sit-inside kayaks
Leash for paddleboards
Standard paddles (premium carbon paddles may be available $5/day; $20/week)

Outta Town

Panga & Captain
Up to 4 people and kayaks, same day round trip
Isla Coronados $170
Isla del Carmen, NW $200
Isla Danzante $250

Taxi to El Quemado Beach
Up to 5 people and single kayaks, Round Trip same day $155
Up to 8 people and double kayaks, Round Trip same day $155

Reservations and Cancellations

  • Daily & weekly rental of SOT, plastic Delfin, SUP.
    • 50% of trip at time of booking
    • One week before, cancel with full refund
    • Balance due on day before trip
  • Daily & weekly fiberglass sea kayak
    • prices include 16% local taxes
    • subject to availability until one week before rental
    • For guaranteed availability, please follow policy for expedition rentals.


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