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An Overview of our Trips

Sea Kayak Baja Mexico is the premier outfitter for people who love the outdoors and want to kayak or SUP in Baja.  Let us open the door to something that inspires and fills you!

Join us on one of these!

Day Tours
A customized tour to the islands. Sea kayak, sit-on-top, SUP. Watch wildlife, paddle a lot, kick back on a beach, snorkel, hike. It’s your day!

Kayak-camping vacations with no experience necessary. Sea kayak, sit-on-top, or SUP, from overnight to 6 days.

Educational Trips 
From your first dip to guide certification, learn to kayak! Check out our unique Surf Camp too.

Practice Spanish
Bring your family and practice with our native Spanish speaking guides on a Getaway of your choice, or any trip, for that matter!

Sea Kayak Primers
For paddlers with foundational boating skills and a little overnight experience, Primers build skill and confidence, and offer a relaxing vacation.

Get Close to Nature
Satisfy the kid in you on our new Monserrate Island trip Baja for the Curious!

Sea Kayak Builders
For paddlers with solid skills, comfort in moderate conditions, and multi-night kayak camping experience, a Builder is an opportunity to venture further, refine rough water boat control, develop judgment, and have fun when the wind comes up!

Sea Kayak Expeditions
Paddlers with reliable boat-handling skills in dynamic conditions, good fitness, and expedition experience will enjoy traveling with other skilled kayakers to explore foreign waters with a locally knowledgeable safety net.

Expedition Challenge
Special adventures by invitation for those who’ve paddled with us before and shown their team spirit and skill. Interested? If you haven’t already, please join us for a Builder or Expedition and let us get to know you!

Cultural and Mountain Trips
A real step back in time to roadless canyons with mysterious cave paintings and a cowboy culture descended from the indigenous peoples and the Padres’ military support. It’s a life changer.

Custom Trips
Have something special in mind? We can arrange it!

Personalized Service

What’s your dream, and how can we bring it to life? The small group size (max 9) of our regular trips lends them a personalized trip style. Different levels of trip give you opportunity to find the challenge or relaxation you crave with likeminded adventurers.


Our guides are the best in the industry! In addition to being wonderful people to spend time with, they are internationally certified as Sea Kayak Leaders and Coaches. Their passion for paddlesports is contagious, and their love for sharing their homeland is inspirational. Their depth of skill gives peace of mind when the challenges of wilderness adventure arise.

Self-supported Trips

Most of our trips are self-supported, which means we carry everything we need in our kayaks. We love the independence and self-reliance! However, it does mean minimizing what you bring, and packing your own kayak. Packing, as we like to say, is a team sport. If you’re good at it, offer an encouraging hand to others. If you’re new to it, do your best and don’t worry. We will work together until we find solutions. You will learn some tricks and end up with more confidence. We’re also happy to arrange a custom trip if you would like motorboat support.

Teamwork makes a trip more fun, so we invite you to join us in the camp kitchen a few times during your trip to socialize while chopping, mixing, washing, or other lightweight and lighthearted assistance.


We have a varied fleet of paddle craft, including elite Nigel Dennis singles with skegs, robustly seaworthy Seda double kayaks, playful Romany Sports, radically stable sit-on-top kayaks, and beginner-friendly stand-up-paddleboards.

The rest of the equipment is well-maintained, professional-quality as well: Kokatat, Werner, Snapdragon, Seals, MSR, Therm-a-Rest Neo-Air, Sea to Summit, and lovingly maintained Don Beale Greenland paddles. You won’t find anything close to this level of quality anywhere else in Baja. Your vacation experience is worth the very best!

Skill Comparison Chart

Average Daily Distance

Primer Builder Expedition
7nm 10nm 13nm

Maximum Daily Distance

Primer Builder Expedition
12nm 15nm 20nm

Number of Days

Primer Builder Expedition
3-10 6-15 6-20

Average Pace, Including Breaks

Primer Builder Expedition
2-2.5kts 2.5-3kts 3kts

Wind While Paddling

Primer Builder Expedition
calm to 12kts calm to 16kts calm to 20kts


Primer Builder Expedition
to 2′ to 4′ to 6′

Crossings up to

Primer Builder Expedition
4nm 7nm 10nm

Surf Landings up to

Primer Builder Expedition
1′ 3′ 4′


Primer Builder Expedition
Wet exit and
Assisted re-entry
Assisting others Roll in conditions

British Canoeing (BCU) Standards, either have or working on

Primer Builder Expedition
2-star 3-star 4-star


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