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Sea Kayak Primer

Live the Freedom!

You can learn a lot about kayaking here, but a Primer is about much more than just paddling. Peek into tide pools for the amazing tiny life that survives tremendous changes. Comb beaches for interesting creatures. The shell of the paper nautilus. The prickly skeleton of a pufferfish. Hike inland to discover geological treasures and rewarding views.

Snorkel in the world’s youngest and richest ocean. Colorful angelfish, graceful triggerfish, neon damsel fish, and camouflaged scorpionfish. Find pencil urchins wedged into rocky crevices, and the tiny goby fish hiding between their spines.

Don’t forget the nighttime stars, planets, nebulae, and satelites cruising through it all. In the zero light pollution, the nighttime views are out of this world. Literally!

Form new friendships, deepen lifelong bonds, and tickle your imagination with different perspectives. Return to the “other” reality refreshed, energized, and inspired. Expeditions are about paddling, but more deeply they are about life!


Loreto Islands Primer
The original self-supported journey right here out our front door in the Loreto National Marine Park.
Six days.
Learn in Paradise
A course and trip rolled into one.
Six days.

Loreto Islands Womens Adventure
A special journey for gals only!
Six days.
Loreto Islands Meditation Retreat
We invite you for 6 days of personal rejuvenation on the peace of the islands.
Six days.
Natural History of Baja
Set your curiosity free and come explore Baja with our favorite naturalist!
Seven days.
Island and Coast Primer
Experience the best of both worlds in a longer adventure.
Ten days.

Custom Primers
What’s your dream? Let’s make it happen!
Any length.

Equipment and Prerequisites

Single kayaks with skegs (not foot-operated rudders) are the standard on all our trips. If you would like to paddle a double with your partner, just let us know! We are happy to provide them.

Basic kayaking experience is required on Primers. This includes a calm capsize, wet exit, and assisted re-entry. We can recommend an instructor near you if you’d like to use this trip as a goal and start your kayak training now. We also invite you to arrive a day early and take a Safety Review class with us the day before your trip. This class will cover your prerequisites and build confidence.

Primer Conditions

Average Daily Distance: 4-8nm (2-4 hours of paddling)
Max Daily Distance: 12nm
Wind: calm to 12kts; force 3; beginning whitecaps
Seas: up to 2′
Crossings: up to 4nm
Surf Landings: up to 1′
Rescue Skills: comfortable wet exit and assisted re-entry
British Canoeing standard: Paddle Discover, Paddle Explore, Sea Kayak
American Canoe Association standard: Level 1-3

Please ask us if you have questions about the conditions and how you can prepare if you’d like to train up for the trip.

The helicopter stroke
The helicopter stroke

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