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Expedition Primer

Live the Freedom!

The Expedition Primer is the perfect kayak vacation if you like a relaxed pace, or if you like to get off the water once the whitecaps start to get serious. The classic Primer is the Loreto Islands Primer, a self-supported journey right here out our front door in the Loreto National Marine Park. The Islands & Cave Art Combo takes a Loreto Islands trip and adds mules, cave art, and unique ranchero culture for a double World-Heritage lifetime experience. The Islands and Coast Primer explores a little further from Loreto. A more in-depth experience for adventurous Primer paddlers is the 10-day Magdalena Bay Winter Wildlife trip on Baja’s Pacific side.

If you have paddling experience but no training, a Primer is a good trip to start with. If you have only paddled kayaks with rudders, or if you haven’t camped out of your kayak much, join us on a Primer. Or if it just fits your schedule, or your partner’s skill set.

We travel almost daily on a Primer. This separates it from a Retreat, which aims to spend two nights at each site.

The pace and distances are gentle. However, if you want more excitement, there are always opportunities to go back onto the water once camp is set up. Take a windy layover day and play in the waves. Practice edge control, maneuvering, bracing. Learn a roll.

Basic kayaking experience is required, including a calm capsize, wet exit, and assisted re-entry. We can recommend an instructor near you if you’d like to use this trip as a goal and start your kayak training now.

The Expedition Primer is about much more than just paddling. Peek into tide pools for the amazing tiny life that survives tremendous changes in temperature, salinity, and humidity, and the occasional pounding surf. Comb beaches for whimsical and mysterious creatures. The shell of the paper nautilus. The rare deep sea oarfish 14ft long. Hike inland to discover geological or biological or anthropological treasures, or rewarding views.

Snorkel in the world’s youngest and richest ocean. Colorful angelfish reward your efforts, as well as graceful triggerfish, neon juvenile damsel fish, camoflauged scorpionfish, pencil urchins wedged into rocky crevices, and the tiny goby fish hiding between their spines.

Don’t forget the nighttime stars, planets, nebulae, and satelites cruising through it all. Since there is zero light pollution, the nighttime views are out of this world. Literally!

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The helicopter stroke

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