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Yes! We do rentals!

Your safety is our top priority.

Our rental program is run by a dedicated Rental Specialist who takes you through from contact to planning, to getting you on the water. We go even further than that: our Rental Specialist maintains daily contact with you during your trip, providing weather forecasts and responding to your changes of plan. Use your own communication device, or our DeLorme InReach with 2-way texting and GPS. We’re even there when you come back to hear your tales of adventure!

Any rental inherently depends on your good judgment. To help set you up for success and enjoyment, all of these options come with prerequisites, expectations, and built-in safety measures, outlined below.

This season’s multi-day rentals are available until May 1, 2017.

Why rent from us?

We set a new standard of rentals, both in quality of equipment, and in conscientious service.

  • A dedicated Rental Specialist who takes you completely through the process
  • Daily weather forecasts while you’re on the trip
  • The best equipment in the business (NDK, Werner, Kokatat, Seals)
  • Intimate knowledge of the area (we made the Loreto Park map)
  • Pre-screening and service selection to match your skills and goals
  • Our creativity and resources give you flexibility and peace of mind

Start your rental by emailing us at bajakayakrentals@gmail dot com.

If you have a company and would like to run your own Baja trip with our equipment and permits, please .

Level of Service

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Provisioned Equipped Bare Bones
All ready!
Just come and paddle.
You do the food,
we do all the rest.
As basic as it gets.

Types of Rental

We offer options to match your goals and skills.

All of the following may be Bare Bones, Equipped, or Provisioned.

Expedition Rental is for highly experienced sea paddlers going on multi-day trips around or between islands or along the coast. We have packages for 6 and 10 day trips.

One Island Rental is for adventurous paddlers with experience. A motorboat shuttles people and equipment to an island, then picks them up later from the same beach or a different beach. No crossings need to be made by kayak. We have packages for 3, 4, and 6 days. Multiple islands may be combined with an inter-island shuttle.

One Beach Rental lets you enjoying being in the great outdoors with minimal stress. A motorboat (panga) shuttles people and equipment to a beach, then picks them up later from the same beach. Gear never has to be packed into kayaks, lending this option to a more relaxed and luxurious style of camping. We have packages for 2 days (overnight) and 3 days (2 nights). Within the Loreto Marine Park, beaches may be only occupied for a maximum of 2 nights by the same group. Multiple beaches may be combined with a motorboat shuttle for a longer trip.

One Day Rental offers your choice of beginner-friendly sit-on-top kayaks and SUPs, or Nigel Dennis-style expedition sea kayak or Delfin-style “play” sea kayak. You may use the craft from the Loreto waterfront, or transport it on an appropriate rack on your vehicle. Our most popular option is to shuttle your rented craft and yourself by panga to an island for the day, or by taxi to a beach out of town for the day. A panga ride may include such perks as small detours to points of interest along the way, or wildlife viewing en route. Your panga captain remains at your disposal for the day.

Continuous Panga Support may be added to the first three options, with some limitations. Having continuous motor support means you can put a portion of your equipment into the motorboat and not have to pack all of it in the kayaks each time you move camp. Individuals have the option of riding in the motorboat instead of paddling. A quick ride back to town is readily available (weather permitting) in case of a mishap.

Questions for choosing which type of rental:

  • Am I interested in being on an island, exploring the shoreline, playing in the water or on the beach?
  • Is my priority being with my family or friends in a beautiful location?
  • Am I happy to never have to pack equipment into a kayak?
  • Do I or some in my group have minimal kayaking experience?
  • Are we not concerned with covering distance?
  • Would we like to be out overnight?

You are an ideal candidate for our One Beach Rental.
Prices and packages are coming soon. Please contact us with questions.

  • Would I like to pack up and travel somewhere in a kayak but I don’t have a ton of open water expedition leadership experience?
  • Do some in my group not quite fit the profile for Expedition Rental?

Our One Island Rental is an ideal way to get out there and explore with a safety net.
Prices and packages are coming soon. Please contact us with questions.

  • Do I, the organizer or leader of this group, have at least 5 expeditions under my belt as a leader?
  • Have I expeditioned in Baja before?
  • Have I kept myself in practice with rescues, incident management, prevention strategies, and navigation?
  • Have I practiced these with this group? Have I practiced with this group in 1-meter seas and 15kts of wind?
  • Do I hold a BCU 4-star Sea Leader award or equivalent?
  • Do the paddlers in my group hold a BCU 3-star sea award—are they assets to the group in 1-meter seas and 15kts of wind?

If your answers are all yes, you’d be a good candidate for an Expedition Rental, on a route we would consider “Primer”. If your experience and that of your group exceeds these guidelines, you may be a good fit for a “Builder” route. Prices for both are listed here.

Levels of Service

You want to show up and just go paddling–whohoo! We plan, shop, and pre-pack your meals into drybags, with directions, ready to put in your kayak and paddle away. Select your menu, let us know any dietary needs and preferences, and we customize your meals. We include any utensils and kitchen equipment you need.

The Provisioned service saves you time, hassle, and money. You may avoid an extra hotel night. You will certainly avoid a taxi or rental car or long walks schlepping groceries from various stores. It saves you calculating amounts for your meals, and repacking into ziplocks and drybags. If you don’t already have a well-rehearsed system for all this, it saves you from inventing one. It saves you from forgetting things.

This is what we do for a living. We live here and know what’s usually available and how to adapt when it isn’t. We know how to find the hard-to-find stuff, and when to recommend that you bring a specialty item. We know about how much will fit into your kayak if you pack it well, which we can help with the first time. (What we don’t know is how much stuff you’ll be bringing! Stick to the recommended packing list for best results, and keep it minimal.) For One Day Rentals, “Provisioned” service just means lunch, but we still consider your diet and take good care of you!

  • Custom menu planning. We work with your dietary needs.
  • Provisioning. We do the shopping.
  • Prepacking. We pack your food into drybags, labeled, with instructions.
  • Condiments, oil, etc
  • Soap, bleach, sponges, toilet paper
  • Includes everything in Equipped Rental
  • Price does not include alcohol

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You like planning the food yourself and enjoy the adventure of shopping in a foreign country–bring it on! We have the equipment here so you don’t have to worry about fuel compatibility or whether you can fly with your stove. You don’t have to lug around kitchen equipment or drybags or water bags, and don’t have to clean them afterwards. This is a convenient option for the do-it-yourself camper. (This option is not available for One Day Rentals.)

  • 2-3 MSR stoves, or 1 Coleman
  • Fuel bottles and fuel
  • Cutting boards, knives, plates, cups, bowls, pots, utensils, wash buckets
  • 2-3 Kitchen towels
  • Ikea bag for carrying kitchen gear
  • Kitchen tarp for organizing gear and keeping it clean
  • Up to 2 GSI micro-tables, or 1 Roll-a-Table
  • Sturdy wind screens
  • Mesh bags for carrying produce
  • Ditty bags and drybags for organizing gear
  • Filled Dromedary water bags
  • Mini cooler
  • Set of 4 drybags per person
  • Deck compass per person for Expedition-style
  • Up to 2 paddle floats per group
  • Icom M72 submersible VHF radio per trip
  • DeLorme InReach 2-way satellite communication device with GPS
  • Weather forecasts daily via DeLorme text
  • 1 North Water Sea Tow per each 3 people
  • Basic repair kit
  • Laminated chart(s)
  • Garbage bag
  • Spice kit
  • Plus everything in Bare Bones
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Bare Bones
Just the basics here. We set you up with the kayak and kayaking equipment, and what you need to legally get on the water: Marine park permits and Port Captain permission, transportation to & from the water, consultation with you to plan a reasonable trip for your objectives and experience.

Please note that Expedition Rentals and One Island Rentals will be required to carry certain safety items. You may use your own or rent ours if available–please check first.

1. Tow belt. Carry and know how to use a towing system with a length of at least 10 meters (30 feet). Carry at least one per every 2 people.

2. Communication device that can send and receive text messages. Carry and use a working 2-way satellite communication device that reports your coordinates, such as DeLorme or Spot. If you have a cell phone, please plan and prepare to use this as backup communication in areas where there is reception. A VHF radio is also highly recommended, especially in remote areas. On One Island Rentals, you may use just your cell phone if you stay within the areas of reception.

Included with Bare Bones:

  • Nothing but the necessities here
  • A kayak or SUP appropriate to your rental style
  • Carbon or fiberglass Werner paddles or Don Beale Greenland stick plus a spare per group
  • Seals or Snapdragon spray deck if using a sea kayak
  • Kokatat or NRS PFD (life jacket)
  • Pump, sponge, kayak carrying straps as appropriate
  • Personal “wag bags” for managing waste.
  • Consultation about local weather, National Marine Park info, route planning
  • Permits per person per night for the National Marine Park of Loreto (if applicable).
  • Permit from the Port Captain per trip.
  • Transfer of people and equipment to launch and take-out, or motorboat shuttle to beach.
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