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Loreto offers a delightful escape from cold or wet northern winters.

Typically, the paddling season falls between October and early May. Summers are hot and humid, and winters comfortable. Temperatures can vary widely between day and night in the desert, and Loreto is no exception. The paddling season has experienced record highs in the 100s (30sC) and lows in the 30s (0C), but more typically highs are 70-80s (mid to high 20sC) and lows in the 50s (teens C).

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The Norte, or multi-day north wind, is the weather pattern to watch for between about mid-November and mid-April. Fetch is long, and the sea builds dramatically. A typical Norte will blow 15-20kts, but a couple 30-40kts roll through in the average year. Plan extra days into your paddling itinerary.

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