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You are about to embark on an amazing adventure, one that will fill your spirit and capture your imagination!

How to register
“Experience required” events
Travel insurance–JUST DO IT
**NEW** Health & Meds
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Carbon offset
Deposit, Payment and Cancellation
Lost or damaged equipment

How to Register

We’re glad you’d like to join us for a trip! Begin your registration by clicking an orange button. You may need to further choose which trip title within the category you selected.

On a computer, the registration box is on the right. On mobile devices it will be below the information.

For events with pre-set dates, chose the number of people you’d like to register, then a calendar will appear highlighting the next available start date for that trip. Scroll through the calendar for subsequent dates. Please contact us if you’d like to set up a different date.

Day trips, day courses, and rentals are arranged by request. Start these with your name, preferred date and how to continue the conversation with you.

If you’re registering for a custom trip or rental, we will email you a personalized link.

Deposit is required to register. If you need to make a lower initial deposit for a big trip, please discuss this with us.

Join an “Experience required” event

Certain trips, courses and rentals require experience. If you are registering for one of these, please tell us more about your experience so we can do our best to match you to the most appropriate trip. You will be able to do this on the registration form, or email us in advance with your questions.

If we believe the trip you’ve chosen is not appropriate, we will communicate with you via email. We’re also available to discuss it on the phone. We will issue you a full refund within the week, or we can apply your deposit to another trip, whichever you prefer.

If you would like to use your desired trip as a goal in your development as a paddler, we’re happy to work with you on a plan. Please contact us to discuss it. We love helping people grow!

Cancellation and Evacuation Insurance

Protect your investment. GET TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Mother Nature and Murphy’s Law ensure that surprises sometimes happen. SKBM makes financial commitments to your trip and needs to honor those whether or not you make it. Invest in your peace of mind by purchasing insurance for your trip.

Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR)
Also called “Cancel Anytime”, this is an optional benefit you can add to your policy. Several people every season find themselves needing to cancel their trip unexpectedly before they ever leave home. It might be you. Be prepared. Get this one.

Evacuation Insurance
Accidents are thankfully rare on our trips, but the unexpected can happen anywhere. The cost of an evacuation can add up, from motorboat transport to local doctor bills to extra hotel stays to changing flights. These expenses are your responsibility.

Travel Insurance companies
Our clients have had success with these:

Health and Medications

Health-based Service Restrictions

The Port Captain of Loreto issued a new policy for 2024: providers of maritime service (kayak, motorboat) may not provide service to people with history of cardiac, neurological, or nervous issues, nor to pregnant women. We apologize deeply for any inconveniences. If we don’t follow these regulations, we lose our ability to do business here at all.

Boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also prohibited.

Personal First Aid Kit

Our wilderness first aid advisors have informed us that current best practice protocols are moving away from providing medications in the field. Instead, we advise you to bring a small kit of over-the-counter meds that best meet your needs. Please consult your doctor or health care professional if you have any doubts.

Consider international travel, physical activity, outdoor setting, and possible change of diet.

For example:
Muscle aches & inflammation
Fever & headache
Tummy trouble
Sting/bite allergic reaction & itch relief

Prepare for your best vacation by being prepared for anything!

Bring 2 sets of your regular prescription meds. Leave one set in your luggage and bring one on the trip. Tag your luggage with your name, and if needed, we can get you your luggage and you’ll have the spares.


Save the unique personal link in your “Thanks for Registering” email, or bookmark the link in your browser. This is the access to your dashboard. If you lose it, we can send you another. Just email at info@seakayakbajamexico dot com.

Carbon Offset

We share your concern for our little blue planet!

Inspiring a passion and awareness for the sea and action for her care within our local community is the mission of the “Nomads” Paddle Club of Loreto, a project of Sea Kayak Baja Mexico. Our enthusiastic staff offer their time and expertise to introduce Loreto residents to paddlesports and inspire a love for the outdoors.

Proceeds from your trip, course or rental fund this mission and other programs of local benefit and global importance. If you’d like to take that further, your donation to the club supports broader training opportunities, camp-outs, cleanup efforts, environmental education and a base location for the club.

If your heart is moved towards local conservation, donation-funded Eco Alianza supports the Loreto National Marine Park with several essential programs and does excellent work for the local environment.

Calculate your carbon footprint for your flight to Loreto, or for everything you do, and choose an offset program at this great site

Deposit, Payment and Cancellation

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Day Trips

Balance is due upon reservation.

Before 7 days advance of trip: full credit or refund minus 15% administrative fees.
Within 7 days of trip, full credit if used within a week, subject to availability.
Half credit for 12 months. No refund.

Multi-day Trips, Courses, and Rentals (Non-Custom)

Deposit: half of the trip price will hold your spot
Balance: due in full 30 days prior to trip.

Before 30 days advance of trip:
-Full refund minus $250 or
-Full credit for other trip within 24 months.
Within 30 days of trip:
-No refund for any reason
-Half credit for other trip within 24 months.
Within 7 days of trip:
-No refund for any reason. No credit.
If we cancel a trip, we will refund the full trip amount.

Low enrollment
We will not cancel a trip that has 5 or more people on it.
We will guarantee your trip to run with 4 people for a 5% surcharge.
We will guarantee your trip to run with 3 people for a 10% surcharge.
We will guarantee your trip to run with 2 people for a 25% surcharge.
The surcharge will be included with the payment of your balance one month before trip if nobody else has signed up by then.
If more people join trip within that month, we’ll refund the surcharge or portion of it that pertains to the final number of paying participants.
If feasible, you may switch to a comparable trip.

Please INSURE your trip.

Custom Trips and Courses
Where each individual pays SKBM directly

Reserve your custom trip date by having four participants make non-refundable $250 deposits each, OR one person can make a non-refundable $1,000 “save the date” deposit. Balance is due 30 days before trip.

Though the date may be reserved for the group, a deposit is required for each person to guarantee their space. For trips in our peak months of November, February, and March, we recommend reserving with 6-8 months lead time.
We are happy to offer custom trips at the same price as a comparable trip published on our website when the custom trip has 8-9 participants. If the trip has fewer, we will still run the trip at custom prices.

More than 30 days in advance of a custom trip: full refund minus $250/person, or full credit for another available date within 24 months.
Within 30 days of trip: no refund for any reason.

Please INSURE your trip.

Custom Trips and Courses
Paid by an organizer

Reserve the Date: non-refundable $1000
(pro-rated if this is more than half of your total)
Deposit 4 months before trip; half the trip price for expected number of participants is due to guarantee kayaks.
Balance: due in full 30 days prior to trip.
We recommend reserving 9-18 months in advance for best availability of dates and kayaks.

Before 4 months advance of trip: full refund minus $1000 (or original pro-rated Reserve the Date deposit), or fully transferable to another trip within 24 months.

4 months to 30 days advance of trip: refund half of trip value. All but $1,000 is transferrable to another date within 24 months.
Within 30 days of trip: no refund or transfer for any reason.

Please INSURE your trip.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

You will be held responsible for equipment damaged or lost while it is in your care. Please be aware that the cost of replacing equipment in Mexico may be notably higher than it would cost where it is readily available, or where it would be possible to ship. We drive new equipment down from the states once a year. Most of our equipment also requires importation. Please take care with the equipment!

Repair Replace Prices.

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Where can I stay in Loreto?

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