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Sea Kayak Expedition Rentals

Our Sea Kayak Expedition Rental is for highly experienced sea paddlers going on multi-day trips around or between islands or along the coast. We have packages for 6 and 10 day trips.

For planning, we highly recommend the Loreto Park QuickGuide Maps. The 3-map set contains detailed info on campsites and Park regulations as well as interesting natural history tidbits.

If you have a company and would like to run your own Baja trip with our equipment and permits, please .

Or by filling out our online form:

Please note that you will be required to carry certain safety devices, which are included in the “Equipped” and “Provisioned” levels of service. These items may be available to rent if you have chosen “Bare Bones” service, but please check first. Carry and know how to use a towing system with a length of at least 10 meters (30 feet). Carry and use a working 2-way satellite communication device that reports your coordinates, such as DeLorme or Spot. A VHF radio is highly recommended, especially in remote areas. If you have a cell phone, please plan and prepare to use this as backup communication in areas where there is reception (cell phone is not included).

Not quite sure if you’re up for an Expedition Rental? Here are some questions for helping decide:

  • Do I, the organizer or leader of this group, have at least 5 expeditions under my belt as a leader?
  • Have I expeditioned in Baja before?
  • Have I kept myself in practice with rescues, incident management, prevention strategies, and navigation?
  • Have I practiced these with this group? Have I practiced with this group in 1-meter seas and 15kts of wind?
  • Do I hold a BCU 4-star Sea Leader award or equivalent?
  • Do the paddlers in my group hold a BCU 3-star sea award—are they assets to the group in 1-meter seas and 15kts of wind?

If your answers are all yes, you’d be a good candidate for an Expedition Rental, on a route we would consider “Primer”. If your experience and that of your group exceeds these guidelines, you may be a good fit for a “Builder” route. Prices for both are listed below.

No? Please consider one of the Guided Expeditions on our schedule, or a One Island Rental, or a Custom Expedition. For more rental info, please see the Rental Overview.

Sea Kayak Expedition Rental Packages

Loreto National Marine Park – Primer Route

4 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$5103-8 people$6503-8 people$850
2 people$6102 people$7602 people$1000

5 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$6003-8 people$7503-8 people$950
2 people$6802 people$8302 people$1090

6 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$6703-8 people$8103-8 people$1060
2 people$7802 people$9202 people$1190

8 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$8303-8 people$9703-8 people$1290
2 people$9502 people$10802 people$1410

About Loreto National Marine Park

Included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, the islands of the Gulf of California are biologically and geologically important, and absolutely stunning. Behind the Loreto National Marine Park, the Sierra la Giganta creates a mile-high mountain backdrop that layers itself with the angles of the desert sun. Clear water invites you to visit with the fishes and sea life.

The islands Danzante and Carmen are uniquely enjoyable by kayak. Paddle a 3-mile crossing to Danzante from our recommended launch, and another 2 miles to Carmen. The most outstanding arches, rock gardens, tidepools, sea stacks, seabird sanctuaries, fossils, shell middens, and a vast variety of beaches all concentrate in an area with about a 10-mile radius. There are 2 short hikes on Danzante Island and endless snorkeling. A 6-day trip allows for good exploration on a 1-week vacation, while an 8-day trip gives the chance to probe deeper into the Park’s remoter areas.

Carmen Island Circumnavigation – Builder Route

10 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$9803-8 people$11203-8 people$1490
2 people$11202 people$12202 people$1750

About Carmel Island Circumnavigation

Carmen Island 10-day is an absolutely breathtaking showcase of the Loreto National Marine Park. Mountain vistas, open sea, birds, a sea lion colony, spectacular geology, fossils, comfortable pebble beaches, white sand paradise beaches, and usually all to yourself!

This is a 60NM circumnavigation that is challenging for its exposure and remoteness. The north and east sides are little-traveled, and out of most VHF and cell phone range. Strong winds and big seas can pin paddlers down for days, so we plan most of the circumnavigation in the first half of the trip, then recommend layovers, shorter distances and exploration on the second half. In case of winded-in days, the island can still be rounded in 4-5 days of dedicated paddling. The crossing from Puerto Escondido is just over 5NM with Danzante Island as a handy waypoint in the middle.

Loreto to La Paz – Builder or Challenge Route

10 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$12003-8 people$13903-8 people$1750
2 people$13902 people$15002 people$1970

About the Loreto to La Paz trip

Yes, it’s the quintessential 1-way Baja expedition, and well deserving of the distinction! The journey passes long stretches of absolutely roadless coast. Dramatic mountains ensure that the only access is from the sea. Flying fish, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, pelicans and your kayaking friends are your traveling companions.

Though it’s called “Loreto to La Paz”, the most spectacular section begins at Puerto Escondido and extends to El Portugues fish camp some 80NM down the coast, so this is what most paddlers do. The full Loreto to La Paz is some 140NM. Bold crossings of between 4 and 25 miles access and link the islands along the route. Visiting these islands would make this a “Challenge” route. This journey is remote and exposed, but there are a couple fishing villages. Some staples can be purchased along the way, including water.

We recommend flying into and out of Loreto for this trip since there are no international flights directly out of La Paz. Return drive to Loreto is included for people and equipment.

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