Paddlesport Skills Courses

Combine consecutive days of training to launch yourself to the next level of paddling, either based in town, or on a trip. Click here for our Day and Half-Day Courses

Kayak Foundations

Two kayakers paddling in sync.Three or 4 days. Kayak Foundations refines boat control in calm water for comprehensive ownership of skills. It fosters awareness and moves the paddler towards greater independence. Use edges to turn, brace for support, move sideways, move forward with efficient core power, assist others with deep water rescues. Plan and do a sheltered-water journey. Depending on conditions, it may include an introduction to understanding wind. Coaching with both Euro and Greenland paddles available. Covers BC Paddle Discover/Explore, ACA Level 2.

Learn in Paradise Trip

A 6-day trip in the Loreto Islands helps you transition from Foundations into Sea Paddler. Learn in context of a camping trip, planning each day, packing the kayaks, and applying skills in the conditions that arise. Covers ACA Level 3, aspects of BC Sea Kayak Award.

Sea Paddler Training

surf and mountains6 days. Sea Paddler develops a deeper understanding of the sea environment. Coupling that with an existing foundation of boat control skills, Sea Paddler introduces kayakers to wind, waves, and surf. A good foundation of boat handling and basic rescue skills is required before taking this course. Cover more miles with a better forward stroke and an understanding of how to use the wind and waves instead of fighting them. Become an asset to a group, and better able to take care of yourself through awareness, risk management, and safety skills. Covers BC Sea Kayak Award, ACA Level 4.

Surf Camp

Ramon surfs!

7 days. Sea kayaks in the surf! Plus a rocky coastline with some play features, a typical afternoon wind, and occasionally whales passing by. Use the environment to strengthen your skills. This course is very student-directed and customized to the individual. Covers ACA Levels 4&5 Surf Zone


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