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Sea Kayak Builder

With skills and stamina we can get beyond where most outfitters and casual tourists go. Our Builders are self-supported trips in single kayaks. December through February (typically windier months) we offer the Loreto Islands Builder, and the Coronados Coast Builder. In the calmer months of October, November, March, and April we venture further for the Carmen Island Builder, the Isla San Jose Builder, and the classic Loreto to La Paz Builder.

For the adventurous Builder paddler, we offer Three Island Builder, with a 7nm crossing and three of Loreto’s beautiful islands.

The rewards for going further are many, including a rugged exposure that answers that wild call inside! Find more remote beaches. Take learning to the next level.

The Builder is for paddlers with strong personal paddling skills and a willing group attitude. Prerequisites include a calm wet exit and assisted deep water re-entry; stamina to paddle strongly for 2 hours at time, and up to 5 hours in a day; and experience paddling in whitecaps. Builders are ideal for building intermediate skills. Please be sure you are ready for this level of learning. Sea Kayak Primers and Sea Paddler Trainings are perfect for developing the foundation to enjoy a Builder trip.

Join us for a Builder if you’re ready for that satisfied excitement of coming in at the end of a day having expanded your comfort zone. Even though we get out and do some real paddling, there is still plenty of time for snorkeling, hiking, improving skills, relaxing, and pursuing personal interests.

Builder Conditions

Average Daily Distance: 8-12nm (3-4 hours of paddling)
Max Daily Distance: 15nm
Wind: calm to 16kts; force 4; prevalent whitecaps
Seas: up to 4′
Crossings: up to 7nm
Surf Landings: up to 3′
Rescue Skills: learning to assist others
British Canoeing standard: 2-star intermediate to 3-star sea paddler

Please ask us if you have questions about the conditions and how you can prepare if you’d like to train up for the trip.

Paddlers and scenery between Loreto and La Paz

Along the Sierra la Giganta Coast towards La Paz

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