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With expedition skills and stamina we can get beyond where most outfitters and casual tourists go. Our Builders are self-supported and include the Carmen Island Builder, the Island and Coast Builder, the Loreto Islands Builder, the Mulege to Loreto Builder, the Isla San Jose Builder, and the classic Loreto to La Paz Builder.

The rewards for going further are many, including a rugged exposure that answers that wild call inside.

The Expedition Builder is for paddlers with strong personal paddling skills and a willing group attitude. Awareness of each other makes the difference between an efficient band of sea travelers and a mother duck kind of trip (or chaos).

We cultivate efficient bands of sea paddlers and, with them, go really interesting places. Punta Lobos with its sea lion colony and subtle currents. Around the weather end of Carmen Island where sea and cliff meet in a restless standoff. Down the mountainous coast where long headlands invite the waves to play.

Even though we get out and do some real paddling, there is still time for snorkeling, hiking, improving skills, relaxing, and pursuing personal interests.

Paddlers and scenery between Loreto and La Paz

Along the Sierra la Giganta Coast towards La Paz

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