Loreto Park QuickGuide Maps

The Loreto Park QuickGuide is a must for paddlers and a great resource for fishermen, sailors, and pleasure boaters in the Loreto area. The 3-map set contains detailed information on visiting the National Marine Park of Loreto Bay on the Baja California peninsula of Mexico. Satellite-image-based maps show locations of campsites and coastal access points. Written by a tour guide with 17 years of local experience in cooperation with National Park staff, the detailed but concise site descriptions help you choose where you’d like to picnic, snorkel, sunbathe, or camp. GPS coordinates and compass declination included. Park history, natural history, and photos complete the presentation.



The Guide to Baja Sea Kayaking

by Dave Eckhardt

1971GuideBajaKayak.3 This book is simply the best resource for paddling in Baja, with satellite-image-based maps and advice from someone who’s paddled there before. Some details have become slightly dated as storms and politics change the landscape, especially in the Loreto area. However, it is well worth the modest space it takes in your dry bag, and it is a valuable and inspirational planning tool.


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Kayaking the Aleutians DVD

Justine Curgenven

1782AleutiansDVD.2 It wasn’t planned that way, but Sarah Oughton’s human powered round-the-world trip detoured north in the mid-Pacific. Sarah is not one to be deterred by, well, much of anything. She called Justine Curgenven. “Will you paddle the Aleutians with me?” Trading her solo rowing boat for a couple of kayaks and a friend, she paddled with Justine into history as the first modern kayakers to kayak the length of the Aleutians. Justine works her usual video masterpiece with the story. Whether you kayak or you just like adventure, watching this DVD is an inspirational experience. Get one for a friend!.



This is the Sea 5 DVD

Justine Curgenven

1972TITS5 This multiple award winning DVD contains 8 adventure sea kayaking films – totalling 3 hours in length. A challenging 900 miles expedition around “Isla Grande” in Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia – a circumnavigation of Sardinia – 12times world surf ski champion Oskar Chalupsky & 4-times Olympic medalist Greg Barton downwind surf in Spain & Hawaii – kayak touring amongst Sicily’s active volcanos – Harry Whelan surfing ferry wakes in London – Sarah Outen kayaking from Russia to Japan – Paul Kuthe carving it up in Wales – Turner Wilson philosophising about rolling in waves. Justine has created her own film genre with the “This is the Sea” series and made a place for herself, as well as many whom she has filmed, in modern kayaking culture.



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