Expedition Base in Loreto

Our Expedition Base or “Bodega” is the meeting point for trips and multi-day rentals. It is staffed only at designated meeting times. It’s near the center of Loreto, on Nicolas Bravo 2 doors south of the tall concrete auditorium.

SKBM Base of Operations on Nicolas Bravo

SKBM Expedition Base on Nicolas Bravo

Directions: Go to the waterfront, and turn south on the Malecon (the waterfront road/walkway). At the end of the road and walkway, turn inland-right one block, then turn left. Pass the tall concrete building on the right, and one house. Our name is painted on the outside wall. We will be prepared to meet you at the pre-arranged meeting time, or by appointment. We may be here if you come by randomly, but are always happy to help when we can. Come in, holler, or bang your keys on the metal gate as a makeshift doorbell.


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