• looking out over a white sand beach to Danzante Island and the mountainsThe View from Isla del Carmen
  • sunrise with palm treesSouthern Carmen Sunrise
  • Danzante Island dawn

One Island Rental

One Island Rental is for adventurous paddlers who still want to limit their exposure. A motorboat shuttles you and your equipment to an island, then picks you up later, either from the same beach or from a different beach. The routes for these rentals are designed to manage risk by avoiding crossings, exposed headlands, and long stretches without the potential for landing, especially in remote areas. You receive daily weather forecasts via your communication device or one provided with your rental package. We have packages for 3, 4, 5, and 6 days; Bare Bones, Equipped, or Provisioned. These levels of service are detailed on the Rental Overview page. Multiple islands may be combined with an inter-island shuttle.

Not quite sure if the One Island Rental is for you? Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Would I like to pack up and travel somewhere in a kayak but don’t have a ton of open water expedition leadership experience?
  • Would a total trip distance between 8 and 22 miles be appropriate?
  • Do some in my group not quite fit the profile for Expedition Rental?
  • Could your group manage 2-3′ whitecaps for about 3 miles to get to a beach if you get caught by surprise wind? Landing in breakers of 1-2′ with loaded kayaks?

If your answers are yes, our One Island Rental is an ideal way to get out there and explore with a safety net.

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No? Please consider one of the Guided Expeditions, especially Primers, on our schedule, or a One Beach Rental, or a Custom Expedition. For more rental info, please see the Rental Overview.

One Island Rental Packages

Isla del Carmen West Side

Recommended for the longest possible One Island route, the west side of Isla del Carmen offers scenic variety, excellent snorkeling, spectacular mountain views, and often a few days without seeing even other kayakers. In good weather, one can explore some of the north coast or around the southern tip to add more distance.

In a “norte” wind, this is a relatively exposed route, though not as exposed as Carmen’s north coast which receives the full brunt of the weather from the north. Best weather can typically be had in November, late March, and April. However, braving this route between January and early March often rewards paddlers with sightings of blue whales and other cetaceans! We recommend planning extra days into your trip, and remaining flexible. If you do not reach your expected destination, we can pick you up almost anywhere along this coast in reasonable weather. Pickups are typically 10am on the final day to avoid getting caught by weather.

Isla Danzante

A charming little 8-mile circumnavigation, Isla Danzante offers the best protection from the north wind, the most beaches in the shortest distance, and two marked nature trails. Danzante’s west side faces a particularly dramatic section of the Sierra la Giganta mountains. It also has the majority of Danzante’s beaches and a coastline deeply creased with hidden beaches to explore. And the most mushroom rocks–pinnacles eroded by the sea to stand on thin stems.

To get the most out of your One Island trip to Danzante, we recommend visiting 2 different beaches and spending up to 2 nights each, perhaps with one beach on either side: the sunrise side and the mountain view side. There is excellent snorkeling on both sides of the island. If you don’t need to cover many miles, Isla Danzante is a delightful place to immerse in your vacation.

Pickups are typically 10am on the final day to avoid getting caught by weather.

One Island Rental Pricing

Isla del Carmen West Side or Isla Danzante

3 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquippedProvisioned
3-8 people$5603-8 people$7103-8 people$860
2 people$7002 people$8602 people$1060

4 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquipmentProvisioned
3-8 people$6203-8 people$7603-8 people$930
2 people$7702 people$9102 people$1120

5 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquipmentProvisioned
3-8 people$7103-8 people$8603-8 people$1040
2 people$8402 people$9802 people$1210

6 days
Price per Person

Bare BonesEquipmentProvisioned
3-8 people$7803-8 people$9203-8 people$1150
2 people$9402 people$10802 people$1320

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