Loreto Paddle Club
(Club de Canotaje)

Club Mission

  • Provide context for a caring community of interconnected people
  • Inspire a love and awareness for the sea and action for her care
  • Promote aquatic recreation and marine science in Loreto & Baja
  • Increase paddling and learning opportunities in Loreto
  • Develop leaders, coaches, paddlers, divers (snorkelers), naturalists, activists
  • Increase visibility for supporting companies

Club de Canotaje de Loreto aims to provide local residents access to recreation on the water and basic safety training. Our enthusiastic guides volunteer their time to introduce Loreto residents to paddlesports. This goes against cultural norms, where the sea has been seen as a place to make a living or a place to park in front of and party. It is our hope that creating personal connections will spark a passion for the sea and inspire actions that care for its wellbeing.

The next step is to expand the club activities to include environmental education and involve other companies and volunteers. Snorkeling, swimming, free-diving, sailing, environmental monitoring and research are among the dreams.

Proceeds from your trip or rental support this mission, directly at a dollar a day per trip participant and indirectly through equipment, facility space and staff salaries. If you’d like to take that further, your donation to the club funds broader training opportunities, community outreach, camp-outs and cleanup efforts.


You can support the Club!

Any amount helps, and simply the act of donating is a huge encouragement!

Thank you very much!


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  •  Méx: +52 6136881725
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