• Paddle off into the sunrise!


No Experience Necessary–Just Come Play!

Have you never paddled before, or maybe just a little, and want to experience camping out with a kayak? A Getaway is designed just for you! Getaways come in different lengths from 2-6 days, and you can schedule your private one with as few as 2 people. This makes them great COVID-19 friendly trips, combined with our conscientious sanitation practices and thorough equipment cleaning between trips.

Experience the joys of simple living on an island or a coastal beach. Explore your surroundings under your own power. Explore underwater too, with a mask and snorkel. See colorful angelfish, graceful triggerfish, neon damsel fish, and camouflaged scorpionfish. Find pencil urchins wedged into rocky crevices, and the tiny goby fish hiding between their spines. See the nighttime stars and planets like you never have before, in nearly zero light pollution, to the sound of gently lapping waves.

Learn Spanish
Make your family vacation an educational experience on a Spanish-speaking trip. Let our native Spanish-speaking guides bring some fun to your practice. Just let us know you’re interested and we’ll do the rest!

Cover the safety basics before leaving the shore and continue to pick up tips along the way. Your guide(s) are certified as Coaches and Sea Leaders by British Canoeing, the most internationally respected certifying body in the world. You are in good hands, but fair warning–their passion is contagious. You may end up a kayaking enthusiast before the end of your trip!


Overnight Getaway
Just a taste!
Two days.
One Beach Getaway
Two island nights with sea kayaks, sit-on-tops, or SUP.
Three days.
Island Getaway
Immerse yourself in the experience!
Four to six days.

Equipment and Prerequisites

Single or double sea kayaks are available on Getaways. If the weather is looking challenging for your trip, we may opt to send more stable doubles, and/or may choose a coastal beach instead of crossing to an island. If you would prefer a Sit-on-Top or SUP for your Getaway, we are happy to schedule for you a private, motor-supported Getaway, or One Beach Getaway, to be able to get the gear you need to the island.

Prior training or experience is not required, but you are welcome schedule a Kayak Start or Kayak Basico class with us the day before your trip. If you are feeling nervous about any aspect of paddling, this class will build your confidence.

What is the paddling like on a Getaway?

Average Daily Distance: 2-5nm (2-4 hours of paddling)
Max Daily Distance: 8nm
Wind: calm to 8kts; force 2; no whitecaps
Seas: up to 1′
Crossings: up to 3nm
Surf Landings: none
Rescue Skills: you will learn comfortable wet exit and assisted re-entry
As your skills improve, especially on longer Getaways, you may find you want slightly more challenging conditions, in which case there may be opportunities to try them out.


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