Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California
  • Paddle off into the sunrise!


No Experience Necessary–Just Come Play!

Camping out is the best way to experience the islands of Loreto, and Getaways are your ticket to something amazing! Never paddled before? Never camped before? A Getaway is designed just for you!

Getaways come in different lengths from overnight to 6 days, and you can schedule your private one with as few as 2 people. To make it easy, we’ve included all the necessary gear: tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and even the snorkel gear. Just bring your clothes, toothbrush, and a few other details you’ll find on our handy packing list, and you’re off to an amazing experience!

We’ll teach you the basics, both on and off the water. Underwater too. See colorful angels, graceful triggers, tiny gobies. See the nighttime stars and planets like you never have before, in nearly zero light pollution, to the sound of gently lapping waves.

You are in good hands with our certified and accomplished guide-coaches, but fair warning–their passion is contagious. You may end up a paddling enthusiast before the end of your trip!


Via motor shuttle.
Quick taste of heaven!



Kayak camping trip.
Measure your day in smiles!

4 DAYS, 5 DAYS, 6 DAYS (dates)


Motor supported kayak camping trip.
Add some AHHHHH to your AHHHdventure!

4 DAYS, 5 DAYS, 6 DAYS (dates)


Educational kayak camping trip.
Your ticket to exploring a water planet!
Six days.

What is the paddling like on a Getaway?

Average Daily Distance: 1-5nm (1-4 hours of paddling)
Max Daily Distance: 8nm
Wind: calm to 8kts; force 2; no whitecaps
Seas: up to 1′
Crossings: up to 3nm
Surf Landings: none
Rescue Skills: you will learn comfortable wet exit and assisted re-entry
As your skills improve, especially on longer Getaways, you may find you want slightly more challenging conditions, in which case there may be opportunities to try them out.

Prior training or experience is not required, but you are welcome schedule a Kayak Start or Kayak Basico class with us the day before your trip. If you are feeling nervous about any aspect of paddling, this class will build your confidence.

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