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Rewards of the RainDecember 23, 2019

  • Embracing the adventure, and the fresh water rinse
  • Celebrate the moment
  • A rainbow of kayaks
  • Paddling under a Baja rainbow is a rare treat
  • Red skies at dawn, sailors go on (different weather patterns in Baja)
  • The desert greens within days

“It never rains in Baja” is a fable often told in these parts, with a twinkle in the eye. The fall of 2019 it was especially untrue. Our Loreto to La Paz trip was proof! Due to the wonders of forecasting and good timing, we were able to hunker down at Lupe Sierra and family’s cabañas in the remote fishing village of San Evaristo and enjoy the shelter, the beer, and the outings we did choose to have in that rare Baja rain. Sometimes its the unexpected that creates the best memories, and the best rainbows!



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