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  • Sunset from Monserrate
  • Sailing makes crossings a lot of fun
  • Isla Coronados' iconic volcano
  • Eastern Isla del Carmen's spires
  • Sally Lightfoot crab, colorful rock cleaner
  • Cliffs of eastern Isla del Carmen
  • View from Isla Coronados
  • Sunrise from the island. Life is good!
  • Textures of a Monserrate beach
  • Bighorn ram on Isla del Carmen
  • Coronados' volcanic flow frozen in time
  • Surprise cabbage with chef!
  • Isla Monserrate's long north beach

Four Island Expedition

Tour de Force of the Loreto Marine Park


The islands in Loreto National Marine Park are each completely unique. This expedition aims to visit the 4 islands that are currently open to visitors, and takes time to explore each one well.

Sample Four Islands Route

Sample Four Islands Route

We’ll build the team as we head out from Loreto to nearby Coronados Island, the volcano. We’ll take our first significant crossing to Isla del Carmen, the largest and most diverse, with a colorful palette of geology.

A resupply sets us up to head out with confidence to Isla Monserrate, a 10-11nm crossing, depending whether we make a slight detour to some little islands on the way. Monserrate isn’t very big, at 11nm around, but it does have some fascinating arroyos to explore, snorkeling to do, and unique marine sediments to admire.

Isla Danzante, the sleeping dragon, takes igneous rock to new artistic expressions. Volcanic dikes, hoodoo peaks, thin purple ash layers, mushroom rocks, and natural arches are Danzante’s specialty. So is the sea life, especially at the Aquarium. Nature hikes provide marvelous overlooks.

If conditions are right, we could finish with a trip to Isla del Carmen’s west side, and a 9nm hop back to Loreto, for a final crossing with the sun on our backs.

We schedule this trip rarely. If you’re interested, please inquire and we’ll put it on the calendar, usually with a year’s lead time.

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