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Mountain Baja- Mules & Cave Art

World Heritage cave paintings, rugged Baja canyons, and a step back in time.


Layers of history and mystery add up to one perspective-changing trip you’ll never forget.

Location of Mountain trip

The mysterious origins of the paintings coupled with their super-human size and their height above the ground led some to believe they were painted by a race of giants. They pre-date the native people encountered here by the Padres.

With those Padres came a military force to support them. The tenacious ranch culture here today descends from the union of military and native people.

Transition back in time in some of Baja’s most rugged, roadless terrain. According to UNESCO’s website, “From c. 100 B.C. to A.D. 1300, the Sierra de San Francisco (in the El Vizcaino reserve, in Baja California) was home to a people who have now disappeared but who left one of the most outstanding collections of rock paintings in the world.”

Ride a mule or hike for 5 days, immersed this landscape and hosted by its inhabitants. Your cowboy guides, along with your SKBM guide, will take you deep into the canyon and to the painted caves. The way is rough and steep but the mules are sure-footed. Cave paintings are accessible only by foot, which does require a moderate degree of fitness and confidence on loose terrain along sometimes steep canyon walls. Hiking the entire trip is also an option for the fit.

Honestly, we never intended to offer mule trips, but we went ourselves to tick it off the bucket list, and were absolutely enthralled, not just by the cave art and the birds, but even more by the ranch culture that has survived relatively unchanged for hundreds of years in this rugged land.

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