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New FurnitureJune 18, 2015

  • Desk with slider panels
  • Building the desk
  • Work area maintenance
  • Ginni makes storage racks

We all have dreams. Before leaving Baja this spring, my dream was to organize things. When things are organized, I feel like life is more under control.
It’s a good sign that our expedition house in Loreto is starting to feel small and crowded. We’re busy, and our inventory is flush!! But where to organize everything?
Enter a stack of 2x4s and some plywood, a little bit of ingenuity, and a dab of elbow grease. I cobbled together floor to ceiling storage shelves in the little “bodega”. Ramon and I created the king of all desks complete with sliding white-boards for calendars and notes. Filing cabinets coming soon. Ramon, Marcos, and I made a wall of gear cubbies and organized three fleet’s worth of kitchen stuff.
There is something deeply rewarding about building. Visual gratification. Usefulness. And of course, function.



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