• Learning the low brace
  • Rolling!
  • A variety of rescues
  • Maria loves surf
  • Fun with wind-waves!

Sea Paddler Training

Make the sea your playground

Sea Paddler Training is a 6-day town-based course that maximizes the venues around Loreto and the weather of the day for dynamic learning experiences. The Loreto National Marine Park provides rocky features, close islands, periodic surf, and warm water, as well as stunning mountain scenery.

This course is designed for paddlers with a good foundation of boat handling skills. Sea Kayak Baja Mexico makes British Canoeing & ACA courses accessible to Latin American participants who have limited access to official training, but typically a rich background of experience. Taking this training in Baja is an exciting cultural travel adventure with a purpose, and a common link with the local participants, many of whom are Baja guides. The background of the participants, as well as the experience of the coaches, enriches any course.

We integrate related programs in this course, such as British Canoeing’s Foundation Safety and Rescue course and navigation basics. Sea Paddler Course will be run by a bilingual coaching team featuring Ginni Callahan and one of her certified and experienced guide/coaching staff.

With skills to handle wind, waves and surf, these become resources and sources of joy. Come play and learn!


  • Calm wet exit and ability to re-enter (assisted) from deep water
  • Solid boat control in calm water, such as edging to turn, steering in reverse, moving sideways, bracing for support.


Basic Convenience
$1195/person $1595/person
coaching and permits coaching and permits plus paddling equipment, transportation and lunch

Custom prices available for fewer than 3 people.

Transportation & Lodging

Fox has served us well for car rentals.
We recommend lodging or camping listed on our Lodging page. Please reserve it directly with the hotel or campground.


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Dates & Prices

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Expedition Primer

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