• Trading paddles
  • Variety
  • Rescue practice
  • Running low brace
  • Stern rudder and edging to turn

Kayak Foundations

Efficiency, control, and independent thinking

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Explore how good technical skills can help you go further with less fatigue. Build a more instinctive mastery of principles and strokes. Plan and execute a trip in moderately protected waters.

Foundations may be either a 3-day program or a 4-day program of approx. 5 hours each day. The first day covers safety and the building blocks of efficiency. The second day starts with games and exercises to review and expand on the first day’s learning. Plan a day on the water, and the third day, go paddle that plan. Consolidate the first days’ learning and refine skills in context. The 4-day program offers a greater variety of venues and experiences for developing skills.

Many of the sessions in Kayak Foundations feel like playtime. It’s called discovery learning, and kids do it naturally. We benefit also from being guided in play, being given a goal, and receiving suggestions at key moments.

Kayak Foundations does get technical as well. You will go away with safe boat-handling principles, rescue basics, and specific maneuvering skills. Kayak Foundations is just that–a broad base on which to build your enjoyment of paddling.

Build on your learning by adding more day trips, or a wind & waves day, surf class, a One Beach Rental, or join us for a 6-day Primer or Learning in Paradise trip and put your learning to immediate use.

This course is run from Loreto and includes kayaking equipment and lunches. We are happy to arrange lodging for you. Please reserve it with your registration.


  • Prior capsize training or experience, or good comfort being in the water.
  • Moderate physical fitness, such as for an all-day’s hike.
Two People 3-6 People
3 Days $699
per person
per person
4 Days $899
per person
per person


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