• Trading paddles
  • Variety
  • Rescue practice
  • Running low brace
  • Stern rudder and edging to turn

Kayak Foundations

Efficiency, control, and independent thinking

Explore how good technical skills can help you go further and have more fun! Build a more instinctive mastery of principles and strokes. Plan and execute a day trip in moderately protected waters.

Kayak Foundations is a 4-day course based out of Tripui Resort, 20-minutes south of Loreto and conveniently located between the mountains and the sea.

Kayak Foundations is a broad base on which to build your enjoyment of paddling. Many of the sessions in Kayak Foundations feel like playtime through guided discovery, which is a fun and effective way to learn. Receive personalized feedback and suggestions at key moments to help you towards your goals. You will go away with safe boat-handling principles, rescue basics, and specific maneuvering skills, as well as an enthusiasm to keep getting out there and exploring!

Build on your learning by adding more day trips, or a wind & waves day, surf class, a One Beach Rental, or join us for a 6-day Primer or Learning in Paradise trip and put your learning to immediate use.

Custom Foundations for your group? Sure! Custom prices available for fewer than 3 people or for other locations.


  • Comfort being in the water, such as swimming with a life jacket.
  • Moderate physical fitness, such as for an all-day’s hike.


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