Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California
  • Trading paddles
  • Variety
  • Rescue practice
  • Running low brace
  • Stern rudder and edging to turn

Intro to Kayak Camping

Your ticket to explore a water planet


Imagine if water were not an obstacle but a magic carpet that could carry you to enchanted places. With a sea kayak, it is!

Sample Intro to Kayak Camping route

Learn in the context of a camping trip, planning each day, packing the kayaks, and applying skills in the conditions that arise. Explore how good technical skills can help you go further and have more fun! Build a more instinctive mastery of principles and strokes.

On the Intro to Sea Kayak Camping trip, get off to a solid start with our fun, capable, certified coaches and learn in a spectacular natural setting.


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