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Underwater WondersAugust 5, 2022

  • Fish in a hole
  • Blue sea star and brown urchins
  • Sea fan, a condo of tiny animals called polyps
  • Stony coral, is another condo of polyps.
  • The comical longnose puffer, nibbler of toes
  • Crown of Thorns sea star eating a stony coral
  • Mexican hogfish, male
  • A colorful nudibranch
  • Red-headed goby
  • Delicate filtering apparatus of tubeworms
  • Pocillopora, a stony coral

The joy of snorkeling is seeing a different kind of world. Here are a few favorite inhabitants we’ve seen this summer.

October offers warm, clear water for snorkeling. Winter winds generate an upwelling of nutrients, which feed the bountiful life (and can make the water a little murky). Wetsuits are appreciated in the winter. From April into summer, the water warms up to not want a wetsuit when snorkeling. You can snorkel on any of our trips, except the mule ride to the cave paintings.



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