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Natural History of Baja 2016March 10, 2016

  • Baja endemic Xantus hummingbird
  • Birds on Punta Baja
  • Kayaks at rest on Isla del Carmen
  • Antelope squirrel in Tabor Canyon
  • Skeletons of rhodolyths, an algae that tumbles
  • Purple ash layers of Danzante Island
  • Dolphins frolic on a windy day
  • Studying an iguana on the cliff

Andrew Emlen joined Marcos & Ginni again to share to more wonders of Baja, from blue footed boobies to leaping rays to scorpion fish to Ginni’s favorite, the rhodolyths. Rhodolyths are an under-appreciated algae that creates its structure from the calcium carbonate in the sea, in an array of forms, and then photosynthesizes as it tumbles in the current or waves. Rhodolyths are responsible for building deep marine deposits and for giving us the white sand beaches of Isla del Carmen.

From the small to the big, a blue whale swam tight circles in front of us in an impressive display of flexibility. We ended our trip with a visit into Tabor Canyon with its fresh water and different selection of wildlife.



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