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Gulf CrossingNovember 14, 2020

  • Landing at Isla San Marcos
  • Isla San Marcos camp
  • Isla San Marcos tunnel
  • Hacemos aventuras especiales
  • Kitchen in the cave
  • Isla Tortuga beach
  • Sunrise 6 hours into the crossing
  • Isla San Pedro Nolasco teases in the distance
  • Steep coast of San Pedro
  • Ginni arrives at the beach after 55nm and 18 hours
  • The complete distance from Santa Rosalia
  • San Pedro Nolasco at sunset, a well earned view
  • Tracks, every 3 hours
  • Ginni and kayak return to Loreto via sailboat

They say a great journey is made of many small paddle strokes. From Isla Tortuga to the other side of the Gulf was a journey of 55nm, which SKBM owner Ginni Callahan paddled in late October 2020 after a summer of training. She launched at midnight and By dawn had paddled for 6 hours and completed a third of the crossing. The sun awoke to find a tiny turquoise arrow headed steadily northeast far above one of the world’s deepest ocean trenches.

She started with guides Jorge and Ruben from Santa Rosalia and visited San Marcos and Tortuga Islands en route, then headed out solo on the big crossing.

Read the blog at Big Dream Crossing.



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