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Too many highlights to listNovember 25, 2014

Phil and Zoe
Loreto to La Paz

Regarding the trip itself, there’s no doubt that it rates as 5 <out of 5> on every scale. There are too many highlights to list, but amongst them were:

– Ramon and Marcos: what a fabulous team they make. They clearly love
Baja, sea kayaking and guiding other kayakers around their home waters.
They spread knowledge and laughter infectiously and really helped make
the trip.

– The paddling: now we’ve been, I now know why Baja is in most paddlers
list of ‘must go to’ destinations – beautiful, warm, turquoise waters;
deserted beaches; stunning mountain backdrops and abundant wildlife –
just wonderful.

– Somehow Marcos and Ramon managed to pull it off with a fabulous daily
range of Mexican food – helped by Marcos’ success with a speargun and
Ramon’s fabulous chocolate cakes!

– The equipment: First class and meticulously cared for by Marcos and
Ramon on the trip. The NDK Explorer I used was fabulous and would
definitely buy one if I was looking for an expedition boat. I paddle with a
carbon cranked Werner Cyprus at home, so was delighted to have exactly
the same paddle in Baja.

I also loved the opportunity to try out a Greenland Paddle over an extended
period – both whilst paddling and during our practice rescue and rolling
sessions. With Marcos and Ramon’s help, I mastered the balance brace, but
have a long way to go before getting close to Ramon’s rolling….

Delighted to note that we get 10% off future trips… as we’d love to come
back and explore more of Baja with SKBM

Think you’ll have worked out from all the above, that I’d definitely,
definitely recommend Sea Kayak Baja Mexico to everyone!

Thanks again for such a fabulous expedition – I just wish it hadn’t had to

come to an end…



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