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Exceedingly well fedNovember 25, 2014

Loreto to La Paz

Santi is the perfect leader – keeping us both safe, exceedingly well fed,  and well informed about our route, what to expect, etc!  Delores and Santi share a passion for cooking and eating, which I thoroughly appreciated!  And we have several photos taken of Ramon – for the express purpose of demonstrating his culinary skills to his girlfriend!  Both Delores and I noted (with some amazement) that Santi can keep vegetables fresh for the whole of a 10 day trip!  Did I mention the clamming?  Santi and Ramon dug clams and Santi made the most wonderful, memorable, clam dish.  And then there was lobster – caught for us by a fisherman with the most improbably stiff body…. And the lobster, too, Santi turned into a delicious meal Ramon couldn’t be a finer gentle shepherd – providing quiet attentiveness whenever required.  And his uncontrollable giggle is completely infections!

The trip was exceptionally well planned – and my only complaint is that we couldn’t immediately turn around and paddle the same coastline in the other direction! I feel like I have been briefly introduced to the coast – and would like to figure out how to get to know it in much more depth.



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