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Babes in Boats in Baja

A spirited kayak-camping adventure for gals.


Do you enjoy the company of other adventurous women? Come share the magic!

This 6-day, self-supported kayak camping trip takes place among the islands of the Loreto National Marine Park. We camp. We play. We eat well and enjoy the scenery. We snorkel, walk the beach, relax, stargaze. We bond and we laugh. We even go kayaking! Custom kayak coaching is included along the way for those interested. We create opportunities to learn, frolic, be challenged, grow, reflect, and to laugh heartily.

Wildlife is part of the Baja mystique, including dolphins, whales, magnificent frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, and tropical fish. Sea birds brush wings with desert birds. Plants offer a rich variety, from the passion flower to the cholla cactus. Let this natural setting pique your curiosity and tickle your imagination.

Take home with you the memory of an amazing vacation, and an inspiration for life.

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