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  • Paddlers along a costal reef
  • A new day breaks as the sun climbs out of the sea
  • Ballenas azules vienen entre enero y marzo
  • Rockhopping Danzante Island
  • Hand prints in the cave
  • Lunch break at San Cosme
  • San Cosme coast
  • Sunrise over southern Carmen

Islands and Coast Primer

Best of Both!
Split your time between exploring the National Marine Park, then cruising down the roadless Sierra la Giganta coastline in this 10-day combo adventure. This coast features some impressive hiking and a hot spring if the tide is right.

The view of the sun picking favorites in the tops of the mountains as the day gets long is a beckoning call to explore the wild coastline. And the view looking back to the Loreto Islands is sweet from the coast!

Weather permitting, spend a couple nights in Isla del Carmen, with its uplifted marine terrace and white sand beaches. Then return for a couple nights on Isla Danzante, a geologically expressive place dotted with osprey nests and surrounded with great snorkeling. Short nature trails lead to overlooks with impressive views.

Head down the coast, past the three sea stacks called the Candeleros, where sea birds nest. The coast has more fascinating geology and layers of mountains behind it. We’ll do some hiking into the mountains, and explore. If you’re ambitious enough, you just may reach the pools of water deep in the canyon.

There are areas of terrific snorkeling and good fishing here too, and some offshore islands to tempt you. Take out at either San Cosme or Agua Verde and fasten your seat belts for a truly Baja driving adventure on your way up the mountains and back to Loreto.

Because this route is exposed to the north, take note that the windier months of December through early March could have some bumpy seas and modest surf landings for a Primer. If it’s calm you seek, we recommend this route for the months of October, early November, late March, April and early May.

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