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  • Paddlers along a costal reef
  • A new day breaks as the sun climbs out of the sea
  • Ballenas azules vienen entre enero y marzo
  • Rockhopping Danzante Island
  • Hand prints in the cave
  • Lunch break at San Cosme
  • San Cosme coast
  • Sunrise over southern Carmen

Islands and Coast Explore

Best of Both!


Double your pleasure by exploring the National Marine Park, then cruising down the roadless Sierra la Giganta coastline in this 10-day combo adventure.

Sample Island Coast 10-day route

From the islands, view the sun picking favorites in the tops of the mountains as the day gets long. It’s your call to explore the wild coastline. And the view of the islands from the coast is just as sweet.

The coast awaits you with terrific snorkeling good fishing, and offshore islands to romance the sunrise. Take out near Agua Verde fasten your seat belts for a truly Baja driving adventure on your way up the mountains and back to Loreto.

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