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  • Our favorite camp on Coronados Island
  • Dolphins bring great joy!
  • Sunrise from Isla del Carmen
  • The great sea cave, with a surprise stuck to its ceiling
  • The blush of sunrise wakes Arroyo Blanco

Three Island Journey

Variety, adventure and relaxation


Do you love to paddle to beautiful places, then chill and explore once you get there?  This trip’s for you! It feels good to both cover ground and to be deeply present.

Sample Three Island route

The five islands in Loreto National Marine Park each have unique personalities.
Start from Loreto and make a giant loop of the three inner islands on a longer journey.

A volcano island, marine fossils, endemic animals, colorful fish, and friendships to be made. Join us for this one and see how much adventure can you pack into 12 days!

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