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Loreto to La Paz Builder

The Quintessential Baja One-Way Trip

It’s the sense of going somewhere. It’s the spiny ridge of the Giganta mountain range that keeps civilization at bay. It’s the richness of the sea, and the romance of distant islands on the horizon.

This trip launches from a beach 15 miles south of Loreto, and takes out at a fish camp north of La Paz on a genuine Baja dirt road. In between is freedom. Life as a band of sea gypsies. Enjoy creative geology, 5-star beaches, some challenging headlands, the occasional cave and isolated fishing village, shy pockets of palm trees, and a typical tailwind. Kayak sails are available to rent for the trip, complete with instruction.

The 12-day version of this trip in February 2020 will take the time to explore the geology of the region as we go, walking inland a little more, hugging the coast, and pausing to note what stuff it is we’re camping on and among.

The coastline between Loreto and La Paz has long been a paddling classic because of its dramatic scenery and remoteness. Any way you do it, Loreto to La Paz is one trip that should go high on the bucket list!

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Ramon and the red rocks

Ramon and the red rocks


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