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  • Cliffs of eastern Isla del Carmen
  • Rob in a Carmen Island caveRob in a Carmen Cave
  • Carmen's colors
  • Isla del Carmen bighorn ram
  • Beached Boats on Eastern Carmen
  • Dawn in Arroyo Blanco
  • Inspiring artistic pursuits!
  • Looking Towards Danzante Island
  • sunrise with palm treesSouthern Carmen Sunrise
  • Cliffs of northern Isla del Carmen
  • Clear water of Loreto's National Marine Park

Carmen Island Journey

The gem of the Loreto Marine Park


The best extended trip in the Loreto National Park, with Marine fossils, colorful cliffs, sea caves and a ghost town.

Sample Carmen Island Journey route

The Loreto National Marine Park encompasses 5 major islands. Isla del Carmen is the largest, at about 60nm around, and has the most variety. The eastern side faces the open sea, the distant islands of Santa Catalina and Monserrate, and the brilliant Baja sunrise. The western shore faces the Sierra la Giganta, a sheer mountain range rising from the sea nearly a mile high.

Isla del Carmen has the only ghost town in the park. Salinas once employed the majority of Loreto’s work force in harvesting sea salt from a vast inland lagoon. The book Loreto, Baja California: First Mission and Capital of Spanish California includes some delightful oral histories from folks who grew up in Salinas. the book Salt: A World History highlights the Isla del Carmen salt works as significant in the global salt trade at one time.

Isla del Carmen also has a fresh water spring, refreshing for rinsing off the salt halfway through your trip and essential for the bighorn sheep that live on this island.

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