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Morning on Rattlesnake BeachSeptember 30, 2017

  • The horizon's first blush
  • Isla Danzante's southern lighthouse
  • Sun rises beside Islas Santa Catalina and Monserate
  • Male zebra-tailed lizard
  • Morning glory and its shadow
  • Passion flower
  • Isla Danzante with San Miguel blossoms

Made it to Loreto! The 2017 southbound migration is complete. Enjoying my first week here, I took the opportunity to camp at my old home beach, and paddle around Danzante Island for breakfast. Breakfast of the spirit, that is. What a feast! Venus rising over the island, faint bioluminescence in the water and bright stars overhead. A blush on the horizon, and finally the hot sun rising.

Isla Danzante is lush and green, and has a new lighthouse on the rocky southern tip. The former one was blasted off in a hurricane over a decade ago.

Back on the beach, I notice a quick scurry across the hot sand. Zebra-tailed lizards chase each other about. A colorful male extends his red throat and sprints off after a smaller male. They are the fastest lizards in the desert, clocking in at around 20mph.

I take a hike up the hill. Hart Trail is a memory somewhere under all those little desert flowers. The red San Miguel and yellow Morning Glory vines embrace everything they can get their tendrils on. My shoes are full of seeds when I return.

Any morning that includes a sunrise on the water, a circus of lizards, and a hillside of desert flowers is a great way to start the day. And the season!



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