• In-line rafted tow
  • Low brace in Pacific surf
  • Isla Magdalena looking to Isla MargaritaIsla Magdalena looking to Isla Margarita
  • Rescue practice in wind
  • Playing in the wind near LoretoPlaying in the wind near Loreto

Sea Leader Training

The gold standard of sea kayak leadership.

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This course is designed for paddlers with significant dynamic water experience, and at least some leadership experience, who are pursuing certification or positions as leaders. It is also valuable for people who paddle on open water environments with friends.

At the core of our leadership philosophy is the concept of “building the team”. After aligning expectations, it is supported by assessing and building resources within the group as well as facilitating communication and group-involved planning. Being part of an effective team is a satisfying experience. Creating one takes skill and experience. This is true leadership. It starts with mastery of oneself in the environment (prerequisites for this course), and builds skills of managing a group of people in sea conditions, which is the focus of this course.

During 6 days, we utilize the features in the Loreto area. Rocky coastlines, seasonal wind, close islands, varied coast with protected coves and exposed beaches, warm water, and stunning mountain scenery. We gather in the Sea Kayak Baja Mexico classroom for portions of the course. The course often attracts guides from throughout Latin America and around the world, for a rich peer-to-peer learning environment. Courses are run by a bilingual British Canoeing-certified coaching team.

Here is a link to a terrific resource for leaders, British Canoeing’s leadership eLearning online. It’s free.

In ACA, we will cover: Level 4 Open Water Skills, Level 4 Trip Leading, Level 5 Rough Water Maneuvering and Towing. Depending on conditions, we may also cover Level 4 Surf Zone.


  • Ability to paddle at a “Sea Kayak Award” standard (BCU 3-star), meaning competence in wind up to Beaufort 4, surf up to a meter, and current up to 2 knots.
  • Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning is required for the official British Canoeing training, but may be taken as part of this course.
  • (Note that membership and pre-registering with British Canoeing are required before assessment, but NOT before this course.)

Sea Leader Training Itinerary

Flexible to use weather conditions
Day 1 Rescue skills and practice
Day 2 Tidal Nav classroom
Day 3 Leadership principles, theory and practice
Day 4 Safety and team building scenarios in conditions
Day 5 Personal skills development in conditions
Day 6 Journey with leadership practice and feedback

Prices per person, Basic

Includes: permits, paddling equipment, lunch, transportation to launches. We recommend lodging or camping listed on our Lodging page. Please reserve it directly with the hotel or campground when you register.

Two People3-8 People
$xxx/per person$1290/person

We are happy to arrange lodging in Loreto for you. Please request it with your registration.


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