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February on the Sea of CortezFebruary 26, 2014

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Some notes & photos from Ginni Callahan on a recent Sea Kayak Baja Mexico trip…
“This trip we paddled down the inside, west, side of Isla San Jose, which was terrific!  Whales cavorted in the channel, leaping, hanging out, passing by.  The lighting was perfect, and the whales so close and mellow near the surface, that we clearly saw it through the water.”
“We passed through the mangroves, a very different experience to the open sea. The tide was dropping, and we made it through the other side just in time to walk our boats down a little bit of whitewater.  After lunching on a dramatic point, we passed close by Isla Coyote, a tiny community of fishermen & their families perched on a little rock. This was most people’s favorite day on the trip, for its incredible variety.”



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