…with a little help from our friends!

Many of you, dear friends and customers, have asked how we’re doing and how you can help. Thank you for your loyalty and faith in Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, for telling your friends & family about us, and for any donations you might be inspired to give.

Donate Your Credit

Celebrate the momentsIf you have credit from last season, we first want to thank you for your loyalty! Donating any credit to the cause is a deeply appreciated gesture that helps us manage through these Covid times and work to bring you joyful and soul-filling trips in the spring and beyond! We will send you a letter of acknowledgement and gratitude in case you can use the letter to write off your gift. Thank you!

To Donate your Credit please email us at info@seakayakbaja dot com.

Other Amount or Cause

Whatever youIs there another amount or cause you’ve got in mind? Whatever you are moved to offer, we are grateful to receive and will put to excellent use. Would you like to support SKBM with a monthly amount? You can cancel it anytime. Get as creative and inspired as you wish! Thank you!

To Get Creative please email us at info@seakayakbaja dot com or use the button below.


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