…with a little help from our friends!

Many of you, dear friends and customers, have asked how we’re doing and how you can help. This page says how.

Our priority is responsibly navigating these unprecedented times, therefore we’ve been holding off on promoting and running trips for foreign travelers so that we’re not contributing to the problem. Meanwhile, our reserves have run breathtakingly thin and there are still bills we cannot reduce further. Thank you for your loyalty and faith in Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, for telling your friends & family about us, and for any donations you might be inspired to give.

Please consider sponsoring one of these projects or give any amount:

Kayak Maintenance; Ramon

Ramon's kayak maintenanceDid you notice how well loved your kayak was? Ramon has been our maintaining our kayaks for years. He spends his summers fixing signs of wear: replacing seats, keel strips, seat backs, skeg cables, bungees, and buffing the shine back into the decks. This is as much about providing sustenance for our faithful employees as it is about ensuring your kayak is in top shape for your next visit. Thank you!

Sponsor Kayak Maintenance
$25USD per half-kayak
$50USD per kayak (51)

Kayak Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance; Carlos

Trailer MaintenanceWhen someone greets you with enthusiasm and cold beverages at the end of your trip, that’s probably been Carlos! He bounces around offering a helping hand and a smile. This same Carlos does behind-the-scenes maintenance all year round with SKBM. His current project is rescuing the kayak trailer from rust. Support his work and continued employment by sponsoring the kayak trailer maintenance. Gracias!

Sponsor Trailer Maintenance $300USD.

Kayak Permits; Isabel

Kayak PermitsTo support conservation efforts, the Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto requires that outfitters maintain valid permits for their kayaks. We cancelled several kayaks already to reduce overhead. Isabel will be doing the legwork, copying and filing to renew the permits with the various organizations required by the Park. Support the Park, a legal fleet of kayaks, and Isabel’s fine work with this item. Many thanks!

Sponsor Kayak Permits
$80USD per kayak (23)
$40USD per kayak (22)
Isabel’s work on permits $150USD per week (8).

Kayak Permits

First Aid Course; All of us

Marcos SimentalWilderness First Responder (WFR) is the first aid certification required of our guides. What peace of mind it gives to know your guides are prepared to handle and prevent medical emergencies in the field! Most of our team’s certifications are up for renewal this year. In a catch-22, the upcoming season presents very little work for guides, yet this expensive certification is required for them to work. In addition, the organizations that usually make this course available in Mexico are not providing courses this year, and international travel… well, you know!

To solve this, we organized a custom course. However, it means that everyone on the team needs to take the full course to meet the minimum number of students. The silver lining is that our entire team will be in synch for future recertifications and able to organize courses to happen Loreto when we need them. Plus the course is a great bonding activity for the team! It’s a big ticket item, but your support on this WFR course will have significant, long-reaching benefits. Thank you very much!

Guides and panga Captains in need of Wilderness First Responder:
Marcos, Edgar, Maria, Jorge, Ginni, Ruben, Ramon Alvarado, Ramon Arce, Coco, Samberto, Izaura, Roberto, German, Tete (14).

Sponsor Wilderness First Responder Course
Fully sponsor a guide for Wilderness First Responder course $800USD
Half-sponsor a guide for Wilderness First Responder course $400USD
Half-sponsor the entire team $6,000USD
Half-sponsor half the team $3,000USD.

FIrst Aid Course

Donate Your Credit

Celebrate the momentsIf you have credit from last season, we first want to thank you for your loyalty! Donating any credit to the cause is a deeply appreciated gesture that helps us manage through these Covid times and work to bring you joyful and soul-filling trips in the spring and beyond! We will send you a letter of acknowledgement and gratitude in case you can use the letter to write off your gift. Thank you!

To Donate your Credit please email us at info@seakayakbaja dot com.

Other Amount or Cause

Whatever you're moved to donate!Is there another amount or cause you’ve got in mind? Whatever you are moved to offer, we are grateful to receive and will put to excellent use. Would you like to support SKBM with a monthly amount? You can cancel it anytime. Get as creative and inspired as you wish! Thank you!

To Get Creative please email us at info@seakayakbaja dot com or use the button below.


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