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Natural History of Baja RetreatMarch 15, 2015

  • Crossing to Isla Danzante
  • Bringing Jupiter to Earth
  • Pega pega flower
  • Pelican's breakfast
  • Sharing special moments
  • Sunrise makes Danzante Island blush
  • Brydes whale
  • Creosote bush in bloom

Our first Natural History of Baja Retreat proved a great hit. Naturalist Andrew Emlen joined the guide team of Ginni Callahan and Marcos Simental. They located some endemic Mexican Fishing Bats, spent some time around a Brydes whale, paddled for sunrise to see first light on the colorful cliffs of Danzante Island, saw planets and nebulae through the telescope, and enjoyed birdwatching through a high-power scope.



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