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Isla San JoseDecember 26, 2015

  • Twin caves
  • Fishermen's palapa with hammock and chicken
  • The lighthouse dance
  • San Francisquito evening view
  • Ramon's tractor
  • Rounding the north end
  • Ginni in the big arch
  • Kayak guides in the desert
  • A hike of amazing colors
  • Power of the sea
  • Edgar said not to show these photos to his mom
  • Has anyone seen my sanity lately?
  • Near Punta Colorado
  • Sea turtle fossil
  • Boys in the arch
  • Kayakers in the desert with GPS and map of San Diego

I work with a couple of clowns! In the best sense, Ramon and Edgar are delightful company. We explored parts of Isla San Jose in some detail just before Christmas, and found much to delight us. Hikes among dramatic, colorful landscapes. An abandoned salt mine. The island’s only ranch. A hammock in a fishing shack in the company of a thirsty chicken. Several lighthouses. Arches to paddle through. We’re looking forward to sharing the treasures on the upcoming Loreto to La Paz plus Isla San Jose trip in March.



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