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Great Barrier Island PixFebruary 27, 2017

  • Peggy shoots the tunnel
  • Sunrise from a Harataonga hilltop
  • In the Broken Islands
  • Kaikura cave
  • Miners Head and Pohutukawa trees
  • Fran makes friends with the Enigma
  • Bonnie Perry, coach, chef, and "bubble" of levity
  • Sunset from Cow Patty Heaven
  • Tunnel near Heaven
  • Harataonga sunrise, on the way to the surf
  • Surf Barrier
  • Atop Ahuriri hill
  • Carmen goes vertical!

Great Barrier Island is part of New Zealand, protecting the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland from the badly misnamed Pacific Ocean. When Sea Kayak Baja Mexico owner Ginni Callahan paddled around it with Henrick Lindstrom in 2015, they were enamored with the place. Since Ginni suffers from the “how can I share this with other kayakers” disease, she couldn’t rest until this trip came into being.

Ahuriri tunnel

Ahuriri tunnel

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