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5 Islands and a Coast

Tempted by distant islands? Me too. Let’s go!


There is a place where mountains scratch the sunset. Islands romance the sunrise and whisper sweet seduction. There is a trip that follows this coastline and accepts the invitation of islands.

5 Islands and a Coast sample 14-day route

This trip will be challenging, but the best things often are. It might be the only time we offer this.

Over a hundred nautical miles, the 5 Islands and a Coast route aims to visit some very remote islands including Isla Monserrate, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisquito.

This is an expedition. These islands are exposed to swell from the badly misnamed Pacific Ocean, which enters the Gulf from the south. Landings may involve surf. This trip skirts rugged coastlines and embarks on crossings up to 10nm which could take 4 hours. It is exposed to wind. We carry all we need in our kayaks. Significant experience is required.

Your reward? Expansive vistas, endemic species, curious geology, an absolutely unique experience, and a satisfying feeling of achieving something special.

Research buffs, check out this storm deposit research paper investigated by this trip’s lead guide Ginni Callahan, who scouted this area on a monthlong solo trip during Covid 2020, then returned, by kayak of course, to do the research.

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