Moving Ahead in a COVID-19 World

Updated July 20, 2020

Healing and rejuvenation are among the benefits of doing a kayak trip in Baja. However, in the current global health situation, this value runs headlong into challenges. A corollary to our “Leave No Trace” ethic in the natural world is to Do No Harm in the human realm either, not to our clients, nor to our staff, nor to the community at large. We have asked ourselves whether it’s responsible to offer our services at all in the upcoming season.

Adventure travel is never completely risk free. Indeed, Identifying and managing risks is what we do on a daily basis, from weather to prickly wildlife to remoteness in the natural world.

Our responsibility to you who are making the decision to participate is to be completely transparent with what we can and can’t control. In terms of COVID-19, what mitigating factors are we are committed to employing? What actions can you take for yourself or will you be asked to take for the sake of others? And what in the end is just part of the risk that one accepts if one chooses to participate?

We chose this lifestyle and this work in the Loreto National Marine Park because we believed it offered value. Value to individuals on many levels, value for a community to support the preservation of a unique natural treasure, and value for a planet to recognize many aspects of worth in unspoiled places. These beliefs still hold true, and we still believe that offering kayak-based tourism in Loreto, Mexico is worth doing.

We recognize that running our services poses risks not only to you our treasured clients, but also to our team of guides and support staff and their families, and to the larger community in which we live. These are not decisions we take lightly. We continue to consult with each and every one of our staff. The ones who will be on board this coming season will have weighed and chosen for themselves.

To support our decision-making, we are using guidelines and resources from the global organization Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). While we have a stellar safety record to date, key staff members and I are taking ATTA’s online Risk Management suite of courses not just for COVID-19 response, but to take this moment to deepen our company-wide culture and language for discussing risk management as we move forward into a changing world.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. As the season approaches, we are ramping up our discussion of specific mitigation measures for our trips. We will post updates on this page. We sincerely hope you join us, but even more than that, we hope that you make an informed decision that aligns with your values and your risk threshold.

Your input is gratefully received, and your questions help guide our thoughts, so please feel free to reach out to us at

C-19 Risk Mitigation Protocols
Defining these is our current project. Details will be coming soon to this page, as well as general recommendations for Baja travelers.

Small Group Trips
We’ve increased our lineup of customizable Getaway trips. They are affordable and ideal for family or small groups who want to keep it private.

New Reservations – Reduced Deposits
Because of the uncertain situation in the world, we are accepting deposits of less than half of the trip value. As little as $250USD will reserve your spot until 30 days before your trip. Sign up on the Waitlist and us know you’d like to make a reduced deposit.
See our full policy on our Booking page.
Upcoming trips are listed on our Calendar

Applying Your Credit
For those who couldn’t make their trips last season and took the credit option, here are 2 things to keep in mind:
1. We will honor 2020 prices for you in the new season (for trips whose prices increase).
2. We will also honor for you our 10% repeat client discount in the coming season and on all your future trips.

If you’d like to reserve your spot on a scheduled trip, please register on the Waitlist. We will contact you within a few days to proceed. Your credit will be your deposit. We have a list of credits given, but hang onto your copy as well.

Insuring Your Trip
What is the difference between Trip Cancellation Insurance and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Insurance?
Here are some informative resources:
Travel Insurance Review
Forbes CFAR article
If you do not insure your trip, we are very sorry, but our business is not designed with the margins to cover trip cancellation. We are being as flexible and generous as we can while still hoping to remain in business. We make investments and commitments to be able to provide trips, and many of these costs do not go away if a person cancels or even if the whole trip cancels. We are a small, homegrown company and simply do not have the financial reserves to act as an insurance company ourselves.

All extras (tents, snorkeling gear, etc) are completely refundable if you are unable to make your trip.

Balance and vision
In lean times, priorities conflict and decisions become tough. You, our loyal and enthusiastic clientele, are of paramount importance to us, and we deeply honor the faith you have expressed in us. We assure you we are trimming everything we can from our expenses, while being as fair and generous as we can in the balance, not only to you, but also to the dedicated staff behind the scenes in Loreto without whom there would be no SKBM. We are all tightening our belts and securing our sandals for the journey ahead.
We look forward not just to survive the present, but with the vision to thrive into the future.

Thank you for your confidence in us!
As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


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