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Come on a Retreat for a refreshing getaway. A Retreat is intentionally less demanding of a journey so that it can experience more deeply. We watch wildlife with more curiosity and focus on the Natural History of Baja Retreat. We take the time to sketch, or stretch, or sing, or learn to roll, or just mess around in boats on the Women’s Retreat. Find peace deep in the heart of nature with the Healing Retreat. Want an island escape with your family? Check out the Danzante Island Mini-Retreat.

Slow down the rush of every day, and take in the desert. Take in the spectacular starry night sky. Share it with likeminded individuals who are ready to let the experience rejuvenate them, too.

During a Retreat, we try to camp for two nights in each site, which is the longest permitted time within the Bay of Loreto National Park. By limiting packing and unpacking, we play more! Day trips and skill-building are popular. So is staying for some personal quiet time on the beach.

Some kayak experience is still necessary. We’re happy to suggest a coach near you to prepare in advance, if you need to. We’re also happy to offer a couple of hours of basic safety training in Loreto if we have a guide or coach available in the days before your trip.


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Home is where…

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