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Natural History of Baja

A treat for the curious!

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The Natural History of Baja is a special trip bringing together the unique talents of naturalist Andrew Emlen and marine biologist and free diver Edgar Escobar.

This journey takes extra time to delve deeper into the flora and fauna of the National Marine Park of the Bay of Loreto. Situated in the Gulf of California, the islands of this marine park are included on UNESCOs World Heritage Gulf Islands listing. UNESCO calls this the richest and most varied of any island-sea property on the World Heritage list.

An astounding number of fish species (891), and vascular plant species (695) live here, as well as both desert birds and sea birds. Immerse yourself in the world’s youngest and most vibrant ocean. Live with the rhythm of the sea, beneath the stars, traveling by kayak and camping on island beaches.

February-March is prime time to encounter blue, fin, and potentially humpback whales in the Loreto National Marine Park, as well as pods of bottlenose and common dolphins.

Loreto is THE place in the world where blue whales come close enough to shore to spend time watching them, so this is where many researchers hang out, and its the place where you have a reasonable chance of seeing one from your kayak. We offer this just once a year, so jump on it if you can!

This trip utilizes couple double kayaks so that we can enjoy a few extras, such as a spotting scope, and more field guides. Double kayaks also make good platforms from which to film, photograph and observe wildlife. Singles will be available on a shared basis.


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